Kyle Busch is a very polarizing figure in NASCAR and that isn't by accident. With Busch's career now spanning a total of 18 years, here are the five moments that pretty much made him the veteran he is today.

5. Winning a championship after suffering an injury

Winning a championship after suffering an injury

As impossible as it is to think that Kyle Busch ever came back from the injuries, he suffered at Daytona International Speedway, he went a lot further than that. 

While Busch’s first few races were a poor showing for Busch, he started to turn in great finish after great finish. Eventually, he nabbed his first win of the season at Sonoma Raceway, which qualified him for that year's playoffs. He would then go on to win three races before the playoffs began, advance through every round of the postseason, and win his first Cup Series championship. 

Not only was this the moment that NASCAR fans were forced to acknowledge Busch as one of the best that NASCAR had to offer, but also to see him in a much more positive light. This was the moment that Busch redeemed himself in eyes of fans.