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5. 10 Raiders players fined for not following Covid-19 protocols at charity event

10 Raiders players fined for not following Covid-19 protocols at charity event

Speaking of Covid-19, 10 Las Vegas Raiders players were fined this week for not following safety protocols at a charity event hosted by Darren Waller’s foundation. Waller himself was charged $30,000 for not wearing a mask at the event while quarterback Derek Carr was fined $15,000. 

Nine other players were charged for not following safety protocol. Photos of the charity event surfaced online showing Derek Carr and several other players not wearing a mask in a crowded room. They were also caught mingling with guests and taking pictures with them. The point of the event was to raise money to help fight childhood addiction, but some worried the fundraiser would serve as a super spreader event. 

“I'm aware of that, yes," Raiders coach Jon Gruden said Monday after reports of the fines surfaced. "And I know our players are going to handle that individually and I know they regret any harm they may have caused, and they're very sensitive about it and we'll handle it the right way." 

At the time of this writing, no other Raiders players have tested positive for the virus, but that could easily change as their game against the Kansas City Chiefs draws closer. Hopefully, no one else comes down with the virus and the game is able to go on as scheduled, but who knows what could happen in the age of Covid-19. 

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