Another week is in the books, and boy was it eventful for the city that never sleeps. In fact, between the Raiders defeating the Saints in primetime and Marc Andre Fleury wanting to stay in Las Vegas, one has to wonder what will happen next.

4. Raiders now worth 3.1 billion

Raiders now worth 3.1 billion

Forbes released their annual list of most valuable franchises in the NFL and believe it or not, The Las Vegas Raiders are now worth 3 billion dollars after their move to Nevada. The Raiders actually ranked 12th for the second year in a row and their net worth blossomed from 1.4 billion in 2015 to 3.1 billion dollars this year. 

“The Raiders are probably, in terms of the NFL, one of the handful of teams that are national brands,” Michael Ozanian, who serves as Forbes executive editor, said. “They’re getting demand from a lot of people outside of Vegas. I think it’s going to be very successful… Their season ticket and PSL demand has been even stronger than in Los Angeles.” 

With that being said, it’s nice to know that The Raiders are starting to bump up in value, which is sure to make prospects want to sign with the team. Of course, the team has a good cast of characters now and might have what it takes to go all the way but continuing to make The Raiders a brand could end up helping them in a variety of ways in the future. 


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