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LGBT Hotel Coming to Vegas

Most hotels in Vegas are LGBTQ-friendly; however, none has been wholly owned by LGBTQ+IA members. According to owners Greg Kafka and Mark Hunter, Bent Inn will be the first and only LGBTQ-owned and operated boutique hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel will open its doors in the summer as it promises to bend traditional norms.

Bent Inn Las Vegas

Once opened, it will be a one-stop shop for tourists in Vegas looking for a hotel that offers services geared toward the gay clientele. While the hotel is a first of its kind in Sin City, it is not the first time the owners will open such a venture, as they are also the former owners of Escape Resort and Desert Paradise in Palm Springs.


As members of the LGBT community themselves, hotel owners want to create a place where anyone, especially the LGBTQ community and its allies, can relax and enjoy hospitality in a judgment-free resort. The large hotel has 33 playfully designed rooms fully revamped to standards better than the previous occupant, the Moonlight Hotel.

The hotel has a 50-seat gastropub with a shareable menu offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, you can access a poolside food truck to give you a taste of Las Vegas cuisine. You can also enjoy iconic scenes of the city as it is located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. You’ll also have easy access fun attractions, fabulous casinos, Fremont Street, and popular eateries.

Termed the “straight-friendly” hotel, Bent Inn will extend the hospitality that the gay owners have been offering at resorts: Escape Resort and Desert Paradise Resort in Palm Springs, California. The rooms are artistic and will feature playful mid-century modern and industrial design. Some of the art will include murals and original posters of gay pulp fiction from the 1950s and 1960s.

Price and Expected Opening

Escape Resort Inc, which owns Bent Inn, bought the property in January 2020 for $2.73 million from Moonlight Motel. It was expected to have been launched much earlier than as the developers were just renovating the 1963 hotel. The launch was, however, delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, inflationary costs, and permit issues.

The delay in opening the hotel has opened up Fremont East with lots of business rising. Due to the huge development such as a shopping center, more people are likely to tour the area. While the opening is expected in the summer, the actual date is yet to be set. You can check Bent Inn’s website to see when the reservation portal will go live. And be among the first patrons of the first “straight friendly” hotel in Vegas.


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