Everything You Need to Know About the MGM Rewards Program

Anyone who frequents MGM Properties in Sin City and beyond has probably heard of M Life. It’s a loyalty program that enables guests to accumulate points giving them access to many privileges as an M life member. Recently, they rebranded to the MGM Rewards Program. Here are some top things to know:

Properties for the Loyalty Program

Everything You Need to Know About the MGM Rewards Program

You can benefit from the MGM Rewards Program from any property under the MGM management. Examples are Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Park MGM, Bellagio, The Mirage, and more. It also helps that the rewards program extends to all MGM Properties worldwide, not just Las Vegas. Thus, you accumulate points and enjoy the benefits no matter which city you visit as long as you are at a property under MGM management.

Benefits of MGM Rewards

MGM Rewards members can enjoy many benefits depending on the number of points they accumulate, which determines which tier they land on. They include discounted car rental fees, discounts at some leading stores to improve your shopping experience, easier access to some show tickets on short notice, complimentary self-parking, priority reservations in the best restaurants at MGM Properties, priority hotel reservations for accommodation, complimentary airport transport, and more.

It is important to note that benefits vary depending on what tier level you are in the MGM Rewards Program. The different levels range from Sapphire to Noir Status, five levels in total. At each level, a member qualifies for the perks their current status allows. The higher you go, the more lucrative the incentives.

Everything You Need to Know About the MGM Rewards Program

MGM rewards members can also benefit from other hotel rewards programs at the same level. For example, the Hyatt hotels also have a rewards program. When an MGM Rewards member visits any Hyatt property, the management can match them to a program of the same tier at their hotel, allowing them to enjoy the benefits. It applies both ways as members of the Hyatt hotels loyalty program can also enjoy benefits at MGM Properties. It is a great incentive for members to enjoy exclusive benefits across different properties globally.

How to Sign Up

Anyone who is at least 21 years old can become a member for free. Just head to your nearest MGM casino and go to the membership desk. 

If you want to earn even more points, you can sign up for the MGM rewards Mastercard.

MGM rewards card

No More M Life

The rise of MGM Rewards sadly means that the previous program, M Life is no more. There are new terms and conditions affecting all tiers. It is now a bit harder to earn points with the new program. M life had better incentives than the current program, and it was easier to gain credits than on MGM Rewards. Regardless, there is still much to enjoy.

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