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Face the Spirits of Binion’s Haunted HOTEL APACHE

You know the feeling of silent dread that creeps up your spine, tickling the back of your neck? How about the compulsion to suddenly do something with no rhyme or reason? Toss those sensations into a trick-or-treat bag, along with an intense need to have some fun….shake well, and that’s how I found myself checking into the eerie Hotel Apache for the first time in 2020.

Many of you may remember that Binions Casino once operated as a hotel, too. Its tower, topped by a digital thermometer and a rotating letter “B”, is a familiar landmark. Previously known as The Mint, it was the second-tallest building on Fremont Street until the Circa came along. Closed since 2009, Binion’s 366 rooms reportedly require expensive asbestos removal before they can ever be reopened to guests.

In a clever shifting of plans, owner TLC Casino Enterprises, which also operates 4 Queens Hotel Casino, decided to refurbish and open Hotel Apache, the long-hidden original structure above Binion’s Casino. Opened in 1932, those 81 rooms have remained unoccupied for 69 years.

“There are secret tunnels…escape routes. It is a hotbed for activity. Deaths, suicides, murder…you name it. It happened right up here. One of the most haunted locations in Nevada.” So claims Zak Bagans, owner of Zak Bagans: The Haunted Museum. Early last year, Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew shot an episode at Hotel Apache, hoping to get a glimpse of the paranormal beings who reportedly occupy those rooms and corridors.

The full “Binion’s” episode of Ghost Adventures is available for you to watch on The Travel Channel. I won’t spoil anything here…but be sure to visit The Haunted Museum next time you’re in the Arts District. And be sure to say hello to John Shaw, who’s known to many through his appearances at LATE NIGHT MAGIC.

While nearby Golden Gate Hotel Casino has downplayed decades of paranormal activity claims, Binion’s wears its dark reputation like a ghostly white sheet:

Historic Haunted Hotel Apache at Binion’s 

The Hotel Apache was originally opened by the Silvagni family in 1932. The family came to Las Vegas as a cement contractor for the Hoover Dam project and realized the workers needed a place to get away from their work and the heat of the desert. It was the first in Las Vegas to air-condition its hotel lobby and have air curtains at the entrance to the hotel.

The hotel was eventually acquired by Benny Binion and was the place to stay for many Hollywood movie stars like Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and Lucille Ball. It was also the first in Las Vegas with an electrically operated elevator, a fully carpeted casino, and made poker a mainstream casino game.

Over the course of over 90 years, the historic Hotel Apache and Binion’s Gambling Hall have had many reports of spirited guests in residence who make it clear that the Hotel Apache and Binion’s Gambling Hall still belong to them. Several employees have been touched, nudged, reported sightings of figures; and ghost hunters have reported high levels on their EMF meters and motion sensors along with mediums seeing actual images of past owners’ family members.
Book your next stay at the Historic Haunted Hotel Apache and let us know what you experience.
The reservation desk is tucked away in the far northeast corner of the original section of the casino. You’ll know you’re in the right place because of the low ceilings. Check-in was always swift. While registering, be sure to pick up one of the leaflets that allow you to report any paranormal experiences. There are no resort fees, and parking is free if you present a Binion’s player loyalty card at the time of arrival (they are also free). Otherwise, you’ll be charged five dollars per day.
To access your room, you can take the adjacent stairs or a creaky old elevator that deposits you right into the maelstrom of supposedly unearthly beings. Don’t expect anything fancy. The rooms are pretty basic and somewhat small (normal for the era) and…shall we say…”rustic”. But the air conditioner is effective, wi-fi is strong (and free), and the shower works great.
Bedding and towels are of better-than-average quality, the mattress is firm and comfortable, and the closet is almost as large as the bathroom. There’s even an exhaust fan, something rare in Downtown Vegas bathrooms. There are choices of one large or two smaller beds. I’d recommend requesting to be located away from the Fremont Street Experience, as the noise will be exceptionally loud otherwise.
The room has an electronic safe (no surcharge), plenty of power outlets, and a bedside USB charging jack. The vintage framed photos, rotary telephone, and retro Victrola clock-radio are awesome touches. Amenities include access to a 25th-floor rooftop pool (in season) with one of the best views in Downtown. Forget any scenery from your window, though, as the panes are of stained glass. However, room rates are almost always the lowest in Downtown, and with no extra charges, they’re truly a steal.
As for any bumps in the night….I’ve experienced two unexplainable happenings. While showering during my first stay, a loud thud in the bedroom startled me. It turned out to be my smartphone, face down on the floor and several feet away from the flat surface that I’d placed it on. Yikes!
On my most recent visit, I awoke to the bathroom door being closed when I know it had been left open. Blame air movement if you want, but the wall a/c unit was directly opposite the bathroom, so any air current would have blown it open, not shut.
In almost every stay, this “paranormal investigator” has slept like a baby, uninterrupted by rattling chains or shadowy specters. Late risers need not worry about sleeping in, as checkout is a generous 12 pm.

If you’re set on communicating with the dead, you might have to wait until celebrity medium Thomas John returns with his Sin City production. But if you’re looking for a simple, clean, and convenient stay that won’t put a dent in your wallet, Hotel Apache is an honest-to-goodness trip back in time. Book early for the Halloween season, as they’re sure to sell out.

Hotel Apache is located at 128 E. Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV 8910. 800-937-6537 or 702-382-1600 or book your stay here


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