Las Vegas Jackpot Wins (July 2022)

July was a great month in the gambling world, and there were several jackpot winners from various casinos in the city.  Starting off as one of the biggest wins recently is a winner who bagged one million dollars playing Three…


Hop On The Las Vegas Big Bus Tour

The Las Vegas Big Bus Tour is an affordable and underrated experience on the Strip. Las Vegas Big Bus If you’ve been to the Strip, you’ve probably seen a huge dark red bus cruising up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. This is…


Where to Grab Dessert on The Strip

Craving something sweet in Las Vegas? Try the best desserts on the Strip Sugar Factory Craving for a dessert that will put a smile on your face? Dessert choices from Sugar Factory do not disappoint. The restaurant is open for…


5 Must Try Filipino Restaurants in Las Vegas

Have you sampled authentic cuisine from the best Filipino restaurants in Las Vegas? It's a mixture of rich flavors influenced by various cultures. 1. Fiesta Filipina Cuisine The restaurant brings hearty Filipino dishes…