5 Holiday Pop-Ups in Las Vegas

Get into the festive spirit with these five holiday pop-ups in Las Vegas.

1. Enchant Christmas Summerlin 

5 Holiday Pop-Ups in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Ballpark

Enchant Christmas is one of the pop-ups likely to get you into the holiday mood. It is a spectacular wonderland at Las Vegas Ballpark with many fun experiences. A walk through the lighted tunnels is exciting, and you can buy snacks and treats from various vendors to enjoy while at it. You can also purchase handcrafted goods. Remember to take lots of pictures while you visit for memories.

2. The Cabinet of Curiosities

5 Holiday Pop-Ups in Las Vegas
The cabinet bar

On some days, you want to unwind and take a break from the outdoor winter wonderlands and other holiday activities but still have fun. On such days, The Cabinet of Curiosities at Bally’s is something to consider. It is an exhibit with many random objects, each with a story behind it. You can scan the QR code on each item to understand the story behind them, most of which are intriguing. It is an ideal activity for anyone who loves museums, and bars, as it brings both experiences together. 

3. Enchant, Resorts World

5 Holiday Pop-Ups in Las Vegas
Enchant Resort World

There is another Enchant experience right on the Strip at Resorts World. It runs through January 1. One of this experience’s highlights is the 100-foot Christmas tree, which is quite a spectacle. Take advantage of the opportunity to ice skate, which will likely keep your endorphins up and psyched for the holidays. It costs $23 for kids and $44 for adults for this experience.

4. Shake Shack

5 Holiday Pop-Ups in Las Vegas
Shake Shack

You can try one of the holiday milkshake specials from most of their Las Vegas locations. The special combinations include a fudgy chocolate peppermint drink topped with sprinkles for a delicious treat. Shake Shack is famous among the city’s residents, and it has branches in Henderson, Downtown Summerlin, and The New York-New York hotel, among others. Try one of their delicious themed milkshakes before the holidays go by.

5. Sippin’ Santa on Main

5 Holiday Pop-Ups in Las Vegas
Sippin Santa

All roads lead to the Sand Dollar Downtown for anyone interested in tropical holiday vibes. The Sippin’ Santa pop-up adopts hints of a Hawaiian theme, complete with tiki cocktails to refresh you. Another highlight is the twist to Santa’s usual sleigh, and here he is on a surfboard instead, definitely not your typical Christmas theme. 

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