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How to Survive the Las Vegas Heat

Being a city in the desert, Las Vegas can get extremely hot, with temperatures skyrocketing to more than a hundred degrees, especially in summer. Here are some tips to help you survive the scorching Las Vegas heat. 

Dress Appropriately

How to Survive the Las Vegas Heat

One of the most important steps is to wear light and breathable clothing. These include clothes made from fabrics such as cotton and linen. Light T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and summer dresses are also ideal for the high temperatures outdoors. If you are likely to spend your day in a sheltered place such as an indoor restaurant, it is a great idea to carry a warmer clothing item in case the air conditioning in these places makes it chilly.

Hydrate Regularly

How to Survive the Las Vegas Heat

It is wise to increase your daily intake to cool your body and keep yourself hydrated. Insufficient water intake can cause severe dehydration and result in serious health complications such as heat stroke. 

Limit Daytime Activities

How to Survive the Las Vegas Heat

It tends to get hot during the day. The best idea to be up and about at night. The temperatures are more favorable and Las Vegas is equally beautiful. You can schedule some activities for the night where applicable. For example, the Bellagio fountains are beautiful during the day but are even more breathtaking at night with all the lights illuminating the dancing fountains. 

Protect Yourself from the Sun

How to Survive the Las Vegas Heat

The direct glare of sun rays on your skin is uncomfortable and can pose health risks with too much exposure. You can protect yourself from direct exposure by using sunscreen all over any exposed skin. You can also use accessories such as hats to keep the sun off your face and sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you can access shade, it is best to take advantage of it to protect yourself.

Indulge in Cold Treats

How to Survive the Las Vegas Heat

No one needs convincing to have ice cream when it is hot. Cold beverages and treats such as sodas, freshly pressed juice, ice cream, frozen custard, and even cold water are perfect to lower the extremely high temperatures. 

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