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How to Stay on Your Diet at Las Vegas Buffets

Yes, you can stay on your diet and still enjoy the best Las Vegas buffets. With so many choices for delicious buffets, it’s easy to feel challenged with making smart and healthy choices.

Try these simple tips to keep your diet strong while in Las Vegas.

1. Use the Buddy System

If you’re facing an extensive buffet, use the buddy system to stay on track. How does it work? Ask a friend or family member to be your support in sticking to your diet. You set the rules and guidelines. It may not seem like much, but your buddy can keep you from going overboard when you’re stressing over whether to have a second dessert.

2. Get an Overview First

Nutritionists recommend getting an overview before you start putting anything on your plate. As you check out all the choices, note which ones are healthy and nutritious. Fill up first on steamed, fresh, or minimally cooked choices. 

3. Watch Out for Food Pushers

You know who they are. Are there people in your group who tend to make sure that you’re ‘going big’ or ‘getting good value’ from an all-you-can-eat buffet? Consider your group and identify who is most likely to be a food pusher. Pick your seat away from this person, and sit near your supportive buddy. 

4. Use a Small Plate

This tip isn’t too hard. Use a salad or appetizer plate for your main course. A small plate gets filled up with less food. Simple, really. You can enjoy a full plate and stay on your diet.

5. Follow Grandmother’s Rule

“Eat what you can recognize,” is what Grandma would say. Choose fresh vegetables, salads, steamed vegetables, and fruits. If you can’t tell what a dish contains because it’s drowning in sauce, skip it. 

6. Steer Clear of Sauces

Sauces are mystery containers for cream, butter, and fats. The same goes for dressingsAddng a small amount of dressing on the side to dip your salad or crudites into. You’ll save loads of calories and still enjoy the flavors.

7. Drink Water and Watch Alcohol 

Drinking water can save your diet. Often we believe we’re hungry, but we are more thirsty. Experiment with drinking water before you dive into a plate of food. Drinking water is a great way to stay hydrated, know when you’re full, and balance alcohol intake if you’re having a glass of wine. 

Drinking alcohol increases your calorie intake. Watch out for mixed frozen drinks, which can quickly add up to an average of 800 calories per drink. 

Consider ordering lower calorie options such as Champagne at about 110 calories in a glass; or white wine at about 100-150 in a glass.

8. Split a Dessert

When enjoying a big buffet, why not split the dessert? Sharing a dessert can help you have fun, stay healthy, and make it a memorable success for your diet.

Try these simple tips to help you stay on your diet and enjoy Las Vegas Buffets.


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