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Create Your Own Custom Lipstick At This Shop

Lip Lab by Bite is a Las Vegas experience where customers can create their own custom lipstick.

Create Your Own Custom Lipstick At This Shop

Lip Lab by Bite

Beauty lovers, we have something for you to do. Try creating your own lipstick shade at the Fashion Show Mall! Lip Lab by Bite is a unique experience that lets customers create their own custom lipstick from start to finish! Pull up a chair and choose the shade, finish, and flavor/scent, plus give it a name and engrave the lipstick tube.


How It Works

Being able to create the perfect lipstick is pretty cool. Lip Lab even has professionals and color experts that will help you ensure it’s just right each step of the way. First, you’ll create your shade. A color expert will mix it up in front of you until it’s exactly what you want. Next, you’ll choose your finish. Decide whether you prefer matte, satin, sheer, or a balm. Then, it’s time to add a flavor/scent. Choose from vanilla, pomegranate, mango, or mint. Finally, you’ll be able to name your custom shade and engrave it. 

Appointment times at Lip Lab vary depending on the type of service guests want, how many items they’re creating, and how many people are in a group, but most take about an hour. 



The prices of custom experiences at Lip Lab depend on the type of product you decide to create. One custom lipstick costs $60, a custom butter balm costs $35, and any additional lipstick costs $40 each. 


Book an Appointment

In order to create a custom product with Lip Lab, customers are required to make an appointment. Book appointments online.  


Location & Hours 

Lip Lab by Bite is located inside the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip at 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite 2180 Las Vegas, NV 89109. The shop is open every day from 11 am to 8 pm.

Create Your Own Custom Lipstick At This Shop

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