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7 Soothing Spas in Las Vegas

Many people visit Sin City for a celebratory Vegas weekend; however, the ultimate fun often comes with a crazy hangover.

The city’s well-developed wellness sector can help. A good massage will ensure you leave Vegas more energized and rejuvenated than when you arrived.

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The Best Spas in Las Vegas

  1. The Salt Room Las Vegas | Massage & Facial Spa


The Salt Room Las Vegas | Massage & Facial Spa has some of the best self-care deals in Sin City. If you would love to try a Halotherapy (salt therapy) treatment, this is the best place to visit. Halotherapy is a reliable and safe natural solution to skin discomfort and respiratory issues. The massage spa also offers therapies ranging from Hot Stone and Pure Relaxation to Deep Tissue.

To cleanse your mind, you can sign up for a boutique meditation class suitable for kids and adults.

  1. Imperial Health & Spa


Imperial Health & Spa prides itself in offering the best luxurious self-care destination in Sin City. Clients have access to a Roman-style, self-care paradise that’s over 32,000 square feet in size. Lovers of healthier lifestyles will be thrilled by the various unique therapeutic rooms at the spa.

The spa has a team of professionals specializing in various skin care treatments and relaxation therapies.

3. Oasis to Zen Transformation Spa

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  • Address: 5715 W Alexander Rd
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday (7 am to 7 pm)
  • Phone: 702-491-6035
  • Website:

Oasis to Zen Transformation Spa is famous for its Zen therapeutic massages, a traditional massage treatment featuring an enhanced mind, body, and spirit reset to achieve a complete positive energy shift. The spa’s personalized services, advanced wellness programs, and wellness workshops can be a significant part of the girl’s weekend Vegas trip.

The staff is licensed in multiple professional wellness services and carries titles like Licensed Holistic Aestheticians, Licensed Massage Therapists, Licensed Spiritual Healers, and Certified Reiki Masters.

  1. Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness Las Vegas


Take a short trip down the Las Vegas Strip and head to the Canyon Ranch Spa, a wellness sanctuary. The spa features various experts, from performance scientists and nutritional coaches to aestheticians and massage therapists.

The 134,000 square feet space offers 123 spa and beauty services, 14 fitness and movement programs, and one nutrition and healthy eating plan. Clients have an expansive catalog of best-fit treatments and proven therapies to achieve body rejuvenation. Located at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, clients can enjoy other excellent services, like a gondola ride after their treatment therapies.

  1. Healing Waters


The Healing Waters is one of the long-serving wellness centers in Sin City, having opened in 2004. The wellness center has a reputation for being one of the best centers in Las Vegas for Colon Hydrotherapy. Even though the spa has an all-female staff, it welcomes everyone to its premises to enjoy the fantastic body treatment services.

Apart from colon hydrotherapy, Healing Waters offers other popular packages, which include vaginal steaming, ionic detox foot bath, reiki, zapper, Oberon scan, etc. Sessions at Healing Waters start as low as $20.

  1. Valhalla Wellness and Medical Centers

  • Address: 2851 N Tenaya Way
  • Hours: Monday (8:15 am to 12 pm), Wednesday, and Thursday (8 am to 6 pm)
  • Phone: 702-289-4974
  • Website:

The team at Valhalla Wellness and Medical Center ranges from medical doctors and naturopathic physicians to chiropractic physicians.

Some of the prevalent health conditions treated at the Valhalla Wellness and Medical Center include diabetes, Alzheimer’s, thyroid, and breast implant illness, etc. With functional medicine, they can identify the causal factors of your disease and alleviate the symptoms.

Apart from functional treatment, Valhalla Wellness and Medical Center offer other services like:

  • Herbal Body Wraps
  • Zerona & ILipo Lipo-lasers
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • Lipo Electro Stimulation
  • Neuropathy Treatments
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency, etc.
  1. Body Temple Colonics
  • Address: 7381 W Charleston Blvd
  • Hours: Monday to Wednesday (3 pm to 9 pm), Thursday (10 am to 10 pm), Friday and Saturday (8 am to 1 am), and Sunday (3 pm to 8 pm)
  • Phone: 702-803-2824
  • Website:

Body Temple Colonics uses alternative healing services to provide body, mind and spirit wellness to the Las Vegas community. Some popular alternative treatment services at Body Temple Colonics include; colon hydrotherapy, juicing for vibrant health, ionic foot baths, ear candling, yin yoga, and sage. You can also enjoy a calming and relaxing session at the far infrared sauna.


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