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Where to Have Dinner at Midnight

Las Vegas remains lively late at night, with many fun activities, shopping, and dining experiences to discover. If you would like to grab something to eat late into the night, here are five places to have dinner at midnight:

Herbs and Rye

Where to Have Dinner at Midnight
Oysters Rockefeller at Herbs and Rye

Herbs and Rye, located along Sahara Avenue, is open till 3 am. Enjoy delicious dishes from their menu that combines American and Italian fare. Order meats like ribeye steak, double-cut pork, and more. Seafood lovers have plenty of options, and if you enjoy Italian specials, you can hardly go wrong with dishes like their special Agnolotti. It has short rib, horse radish, red wine jus, and brown butter.

Biwon Korean BBQ

Where to Have Dinner at Midnight
AYCE Korean BBQ and Sushi

Another gem along Sahara Avenue is Biwon Korean BBQ. It’s a famous eatery for Asian delicacies, so if you are craving some sushi late into the night, this is the place to be. They also have an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ option. The menu’s highlight is the combined AYCE Korean BBQ and sushi for just over $40. It is open until 2 am, and diners have up to 1:30 am for the final call before closing hour strikes.

Evel Pie

Where to Have Dinner at Midnight
Extreme Pepperoni Pizza

Sometimes you have already eaten dinner and set out for a fun-filled evening, and then the munchies strike. What better way to satisfy your cravings than with a fresh slice of pizza? Evel pie has some of the best New York-Style Pizza in town and is open till 2 am on weekdays. Over the weekend, they close at 4:20 am giving you and your friends ample time to grab a bite after a night out. Order slices such as pepperoni or the cheesy rider with Evel’s tomato sauce and mozzarella. You can also order whole pizzas in flavors like Birria or Gang Green.

The Martini

Where to Have Dinner at Midnight
Dinner at The Martini

You might have stopped by the Martini for a Martini in the wee hours, but did you know you can also have a meal? The restaurant is open around the clock and the menu has fantastic appetizers and entrees. Some popular dishes include spaghetti and wagyu meatballs, chicken scaloppini, a Thai chicken wrap sandwich, and a Tuscan-style flatbread, among other options. The lava cake or fried oreo sundae are some exciting go-to choices if you want dessert.

Osaka Japanese Bistro

Where to Have Dinner at Midnight
Baked Seafood

Enjoy Japanese favorites from Osaka Japanese Bistro, a restaurant serving authentic Japanese meals with outlets in Las Vegas and Henderson. You can order sushi, nigiri, gyoza, chicken wings, and other dishes from the menu. It is an affordable restaurant, and you can get standard rolls for less than $5 and signature rolls for less than $10. The restaurant closes at 2 am.

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