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Where to Eat in Downtown Summerlin (2022)

Thinking about going to eat in Downtown Summerlin? Here are the five best restaurants and bars everyone should try!

La Neta Cocina Y Lounge

If you are craving Mexican food, La Neta Cocina Y Lounge is among the best places to satisfy these cravings. The beautiful restaurant has a sexy ambiance and the menu is quite unique. Enjoy dishes like El Jefe’s Pollo, a grilled chicken dish with pickled onions, fennel, arugula, and chimichurri. You can also find Mexican classics like Enchiladas and more. 

Shake Shack

Shake Shack brings delicious and elevated American fast food choices. You can enjoy burgers, chicken, and hot dogs with crinkle-cut fries from this eatery. The menu also has shakes and frozen custard options, ideal for keeping you refreshed in hot Las Vegas weather. They also have lemonades and iced teas, fresh and made in-house. 

Grape Street Café, Wine bar, and Cellar

This is a beautiful restaurant bringing hearty Italian and Mediterranean cuisine to the table. Grape Street also offers a shopping experience from the wine bar, and you can pick some wine bottles to take along after enjoying your meal. The menu includes pasta dishes such as Chicken Gorgonzola, Linguine with clams, and more. They have various pizza options, and you can request gluten-free dough if you prefer for an extra $5. Entrees include dishes such as chicken marsala, Bellon’s chicken parmesan, and more. 


SkinnyFats is a witty name for the restaurant, but it suits their menu style, which has a healthy section and a “happy section.” It creates versatility; everyone can find something suitable to eat, including picky eaters. Some meal options on the happy side include the Curry be Happy bowl with Thai coconut curry, braised short rib, raisins, mint crème Fraiche, and jasmine rice. A healthy alternative to this dish is the Spud McCurry, which has mint crème Fraiche, golden raisins, Thai coconut curry, and sweet potato. 


Jing brings traditional Japanese fare to Summerlin with exciting dishes. You can dine-in or order takeout from the restaurant. The versatile menu includes steak and seafood with a world-class wine selection. Notable menu items include a hand-cut filet mignon, wagyu beef cheeseburger, Miso black cod, Australian lobster tail, and more. They also have salads, sushi, sashimi, noodle, and rice dishes for a complete Japanese-inspired experience.

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