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Where to Eat During Hanukkah in Las Vegas 2022

This year, Hannukah runs from Dec 18 – 26. Here’s where to eat during Hanukkah in Las Vegas 2022.

1. Siegel’s 1941

Where to Eat During Hanukkah in Las Vegas 2022

Located at the El Cortez Hotel, Siegel’s has a fantastic specialty menu for Hannukah, available between 5 pm and 10 pm. It comprises a three-course dinner for less than $30 per person. Diners with a player’s card also enjoy a discounted rate for this experience. Some dishes to expect are roast apricot chicken and beef brisket with delicious sides for a filling meal. There are two dessert options; you can go classic with ice cream or order the sweet raisin kugel. 

2. Honey Salt

Where to Eat During Hanukkah in Las Vegas 2022
Honey Salt

Between December 18 – 20, Honey Salt will have a special dinner menu for Hannukah. The dinner costs $64 per person, with exciting options. However, you can still order a dish from the regular menu separately. The latkes and matzo ball soup are a highlight of the meal, and you can have them with the main dish of beef or chicken. You can visit this restaurant at the Rampart Commons, or you can also order takeout.

3. The Bagel Café

Where to Eat During Hanukkah in Las Vegas 2022
Bagel Cafe

You can get a complete specialty dinner from the Bagel café for less than $60 for two diners. It’s a comprehensive meal with the meat of choice, latkes with sauce, vegetables, matzo ball soup, donuts, and challah rolls. The spread is filling and flavorful, making it one of the city’s best locations for a Hannukah feast. To enjoy this experience, interested parties should place their orders in advance by December 15. The restaurant is located in Westcliff plaza. 

4. Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar

Where to Eat During Hanukkah in Las Vegas 2022

It’s best if you make a reservation early to secure seating for the unique dining experience at Hearthstone. This beautiful restaurant is located at the Red Rock Resort, with an excellent spread for Hannukah. After the starters, guests enjoy dishes like brisket with sweet potato, complemented with vegetables and red wine demi. You can have kosher chocolate with a sauce topped with mint for dessert. 

5. Bagelmania

Where to Eat During Hanukkah in Las Vegas 2022

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah in Las Vegas 2022, there is something for all at Bagelmania. You can order dishes from the a la carte menu and select the combinations you like. They also have special catering services where you can order the feast as an individual or for a group of up to ten for $29.95 per person. Order online on their site to have the best spread for the season, complete with holiday desserts.

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