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Try Pueto Rican Classics at Sofrito Rico

Try Pueto Rican Classics at Sofrito Rico

Puerto Rican cuisine is also known for its use of diverse spices which add unique flavor and depth. Sofrito, a classic Puerto Rican mix of aromatics, is especially popular and has a really distinct taste.

Try for yourself at Sofrito Rico Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine in Las Vegas. It was opened in 2015 by Owner/Chef Susanette Sandoval and her husband.

Menu highlights include:

  • traditional mofongo, a mashed plantain dish topped with pork, shrimp, or beef
  • arroz con gandules, a savory rice dish cooked with pigeon peas and sofrito
  • bacalaitos, a traditional codfish fritter.
  • camarones al ajillo, a garlic shrimp dish served with rice and beans.

For those looking for something more on the lighter side, the restaurant also offers a variety of salads and Puerto Rican desserts.

Try Pueto Rican Classics at Sofrito Rico

When you choose to eat at a family-owned restaurant like Sofrito Rico you support local business and you get to explore island culture and cuisine.

Restaurant Information

5201 W Charleston Blvd #110

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone: (702) 822-6220


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