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Top 5 Wineries In Vegas

I am not a jealous man. But two things betray this trait.

The first one is my ex-wife’s current boyfriend.

Two is any owner of a winery. How lucky are these people? They have a lifetime supply of wine.

Top 5 Wineries In Vegas

You see, I love wine.

Water is the best drink for your health, but wine comes a distant second. It’s rich in antioxidants, and it helps in combating inflammation. Wine benefits your heart because if you drink it in moderation, it reduces your risk of getting heart disease.

Did you know that Nevada has over 10 wineries? Yes, there are actually wineries that produce some of the best wines in the world in this desert. Don’t get me wrong, we are no Wine Country. But we have some of the best wine brands.

Let me tell you the top 5 best wineries in or near Vegas. When you visit the city, please don’t go back without visiting at least one of them, especially if you are a wine lover like yours truly.

#1: Pahrump Valley Winery

Top 5 Wineries In Vegas

Pahrump Valley Winery is one of the highest-rated wineries near Las Vegas. It has so many awards, and this shows that it’s worth visiting. It was opened in 1990, and since then, it has received over 470 prizes for its great wine. For example, it has won 3 Double Gold Wine Awards.

It doesn’t produce wine using only Nevada-grown grapes. It imports some. Its four labels include Moody Creek Wines, Charleston Peak, Pahrump Valley Winery, and Nevada Ridge. Some of its most notable brands are the 2011 Silver State Red Blend, the 2010 Primitivo, and the 2005 Zinfandel, which I’m sure you’ve heard about or tasted.

If you visit Pahrump Valley Winery, you will be hosted in its award-winning restaurant called Symphony.

#2: Sanders Family Winery

Top 5 Wineries In Vegas

The Sanders Family Winery carries the word “family” in it. What this means is that it has tradition. It has existed for over 34 years. In fact, the Sanders Family were the initial owners of Pahrump Valley Winery until they sold it to Gretchen Loken.

The winery is one of the top best wineries in Nevada State, and it gives free wine tasting. Among its top brands are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. It also offers Cream Sherry and Ruby Port, which are specific tastes. If you visit, you can take part in entertainment events and watch artists performing at the amphitheater.

#3: Vegas Valley Winery

Top 5 Wineries In Vegas

Vegas Valley Winery was the first winery to be established in Las Vegas County in 2015. This came after the abolishment of a law that banned the establishment of wineries in counties that have over 100,000 residents.

The winery welcomes visitors each day, and you don’t need a reservation if you are a group of 10 people or less. You can just decide spontaneously to go and have your wine tasting. It also offers a tour of the premises and an area to hold a private party.

Among the wine brands that you will enjoy here are the 2018 Rose, the 2015 Zinfandel, and the 2014 Syrah. The most exciting part of your experience is that you will be taken through the entire process of winemaking.

#4: Nevada Sunset Winery

Top 5 Wineries In Vegas

Nevada Sunset Winery, like Vegas Valley Winery, was established in 2015 after the abolishment of the aforementioned legislation. It is a relatively small winery and offers several brands, including 4TH Street. It’s worth visiting because it will offer you that unblemished Nevada-grown wine. Also, you will have an opportunity to tour its three-acre vineyard.

#5: Churchill Vineyard

Top 5 Wineries In Vegas

Churchill Vineyard has a limited supply of wine that mostly appeals to connoisseurs and wine collectors in the country. If you want to taste premium and unique wines, then you can’t come to Vegas and not visit this winery. The winemaker, Colby Frey, is actually a young-fifth-generation Nevada farmer who has impressive knowledge of farming and the growing of European Vinifera grapes.

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