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There’s a New Bacon-Inspired Restaurant in Las Vegas

Bacon Nation Las Vegas is a diner’s paradise. The menu incorporates delicious salt-cured bacon in a unique way.

bacon nation
Bacon Nation 


Bacon Nation is located at the D Las Vegas Hotel Casino Downtown along Fremont Street. You can visit anytime, as it is a 24-hour restaurant with food items ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Menu

There’s a New Bacon-Inspired Restaurant in Las Vegas
The Meals

The menu is the first thing people ask about when they hear of a new restaurant. Well, anticipate various bacon dishes comprising different bacon varieties such as jalapeno, lemon pepper, honey sriracha, and others. The varying options cater to different palates, and diners can find something befitting their preference here.

Breakfast meals include signature bennies and pancakes such as blueberry and maple bacon, oatmeal, or French toast boxes. You can customize a plate by picking a choice of veggies, preferred meat, cheese, and carbohydrates like potatoes or French toast.

The main menu brings a lot of variety, such as jumbo shrimp scampi, pulled pork sandwiches, the D burger, pasta carbonara, and more. 

You can sit and enjoy your food or order a meal on the go. They have a specialized locker system that helps customers conveniently receive their meals. All you have to do is browse their menu and place an order online, after which you will get a code to use as you pick up the meal. The meal comes in a heated or refrigerated locker, depending on what you order, and you can enjoy your fresh meal from any location that works for you.

The Dining Experience

There’s a New Bacon-Inspired Restaurant in Las Vegas
Dining area

If you prefer to dine in, the restaurant has ample space. The interior is beautiful, incorporating different design styles resulting in a relaxing and modern dining space. For example, the marble accents, lighting, and brick walls are some of the highlights of the space.

If you enjoy watching chefs in action, the open kitchen caters to this. What better way to enjoy a meal than witnessing some steps that go into curating the dish? You get this and more from Bacon Nation Las Vegas.

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