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Take Your Laptop to These Las Vegas Coffee Shops

Need to work during your vacation? Here are the top Las Vegas coffee shops you can visit with your laptop.

1. Sambalatte Torrefazione

Take Your Laptop to These Las Vegas Coffee Shops

Anyone who appreciates good coffee would have a blast at Sambalatte Torrefazione. The baristas take their time to brew coffee to perfection using French presses or the vacuum brewing method, all of which result in a delicious coffee drink. One of the best locations to visit is the one at Boca Park, the original one in Las Vegas. The coffee shop sources coffee beans from various parts of the world, such as Ethiopia and Colombia.

2. Vesta Coffee Roasters

Take Your Laptop to These Las Vegas Coffee Shops
Vesta Coffee Roaster

You can always find different coffee drips on rotation from Vesta Coffee Roasters. The downtown coffee shop has assorted coffee drinks, including cold brews and nitro coffees. They pride themselves in using top-grade coffee beans with traceable origins to guarantee quality. Besides coffee, they offer other hot beverages like Aztec hot chocolate, a top-selling drink when the weather is cooler. Pair your drink with a snack like their special Gruyere croissant for a hearty breakfast or mid-morning snack. You can also purchase coffee beans to go if you like.

3. Gabi Coffee and Bakery

Take Your Laptop to These Las Vegas Coffee Shops
Gabi Coffee and Bakery

Aesthetics are quite a big deal nowadays, with many people looking for cute spots for their coffee, to work in, and get beautiful photos for their socials. If this sounds exciting, Gabi Coffee is the place to visit. The coffee shop is gorgeous, and the beauty extends to its offerings with some of the most photo-worthy desserts in the city. You can find this unique Korean coffee shop in Chinatown for coffee and more. Order drinks like the Caramella, which comprises Espresso on sweetened condensed milk. Other hot brews include various teas, coffee drinks, and specialty lattes.

4. PublicUs

Take Your Laptop to These Las Vegas Coffee Shops

The canteen-style setting in this coffee shop makes it simple and an easy pick for someone who wants a few hours of productivity on their laptop in a coffee shop. PublicUs serves single-origin coffee and snacks for a leisurely breakfast. They use fresh farm ingredients and excellent culinary skills to bring their clients hearty meals. Feel free to stop by this coffee shop along Fremont Street for breakfast or lunch or to grab a coffee.

5. The Lodge Coffee House and Tavern

Take Your Laptop to These Las Vegas Coffee Shops
Lodge Coffee House & Tavern

One of the perks of The Lodge is that it remains open around the clock. Thus, you can visit and take your time as you work, study, or have some quiet time. The woodsy interior is very calming and creates an ideal atmosphere to enjoy your coffee. Later in the day and night, you can order something from the bar and have a good time without changing locations. Their meals are affordable and tasty, with options like the breakfast burrito, herb and chicken panini, and more. The coffee house is at South Durango Drive.


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