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Here’s What It’s Like to Eat at Catch Aria

Dining at the Catch Aria is an experience that leaves you with lasting memories. It all starts from the entrance, adorned in beauty, and screams luxury and sophistication. Everything follows suit to give guests the best experience and value for money.

Here’s what it’s like to eat at Catch Aria.


Here’s What It’s Like to Eat at Catch Aria[7]
Expect a relaxing atmosphere that incorporates different themes. The setup is modern but has hints of industrial-themed accents. There is also a delicate balance brought by foliage, and this earthly touch tones down everything to feel more relaxed. The dining room also has strategic décor pieces and sufficient lighting to complement the space.

What to Eat at Catch Aria 

The menu is versatile and offers many impressive options. You would be spoilt for choice browsing through the offerings. Enjoy meals such as the Wagyu surf and turf roll, rainbow sashimi salad, salmon a la plancha, a USDA prime Porterhouse for two for steak lovers, and more. Sides include parmesan truffle fries, lobster mashed potatoes, and more. Complete your meal with a dessert of choice, such as the tasty vegan pistachio “cheesecake.”

Here’s What It’s Like to Eat at Catch Aria[4]
The bar is well-stocked with scotch, tequila, mezcals, wine, cognac, whiskey, bourbon, and more. If you like, the barista can also prepare a cocktail to your liking, such as the “Detox Retox” with tequila, lime, matcha cucumber, and mint. There is something for everyone.

The menu has a relatively higher price point compared to other city restaurants. However, anticipate delectable meals that are served with the utmost professionalism and in sufficient portions that cater to satiety. For example, signature sushi rolls for more than $20 going all the way to $36 may seem like much, but the flavors make it worth it.

Important Guidelines at Catch Aria 

There are a few things to note about the restaurant, useful for guests planning to visit. The restaurant is created with an adult crowd in mind. However, you can still visit with underage friends and family, but dining for this age group is limited, and they must finish and leave by 8 pm. After eight, the restaurant becomes more of a nightclub.

Dinner goes from 5  to 10:30 pm on weekdays. You can extend your stay until midnight on weekends as the restaurant closes late.

What to Wear

Here’s What It’s Like to Eat at Catch Aria

Due to the formal setup and sophistication associated with the restaurant, guests need to adhere to a dress code. Diners cannot wear sporty outfits, beachwear, casual shorts, or flip-flops. Any overly revealing outfits are also discouraged, and deciding what “overly revealing” means, in this case, is at management’s discretion.

If you pick this location for parties and events, you might also reconsider having sashes, wands, and other party-themed accessories when dining.

Ready to eat at Catch Aria?

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