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Wakuda Japanese Restaurant Is Now Open at The Palazzo

Wakuda Las Vegas exterior

Chef Tetsuya Wakuda is a renowned chef with excellent restaurants in different locations. He owns Tetsuya’s in Australia and Wakuda in Singapore. He recently made his debut in the United States with Wakuda Las Vegas, in collaboration with John Kunkel from 50 Eggs Hospitality. 

Kunkel greatly understands the restaurant scene in Las Vegas, as he has other restaurants such as Chica and the Yardbird Southern Table. Chef Wakuda, on the other hand, brings culinary skills from many years of experience handling traditional Japanese dishes. Together, they make a powerful combo. 

Chef Wakuda’s new establishment in Las Vegas draws inspiration from Tokyo’s Shinjuku Golden Gai area. There are many Japanese restaurants in the city, but food enthusiasts are excited to try out this new place. Wakuda is located at the Palazzo, in what was previously Morels French Steakhouse. 

The restaurant officially opened on June 25, revealing a tastefully decorated interior. The ambiance is welcoming and ideal for guests as they partake in offerings from the a la carte menu. Contemporary furnishings, artistic sculptures, and neon accents are some of the highlights of the space, making it stand out and giving it a classy look. 

The Omakase Experience

The restaurant also offers an Omakase experience where Chef Wakuda displays his version of authentic Japanese classic meals. The experience will open up some weeks to come, allowing group dining for up to 15 small dishes prepared in true Japanese style. Each omakase seating will have a new menu allowing diners to experience various dishes. This private dining experience will cost $500 for each diner.  It is more than just a meal; diners can interact with the chefs and watch as they prepare the sumptuous dishes that make up the Omakase experience. 


seafood dishes

There is much to enjoy from the menu, featuring cold and hot dishes. Hot meals include Shishito, Wakuda’s Chicken wings, Katsu sandwiches, and more. The cold options include Canadian Lobster, Wakuda’s Caviar, and Kanpachi Carpaccio, among others. 

The menu also offers Wakuda’s Sushi, Chirashi Sushi, Nigiri choices, Rice and Noodles, Tempura, Yakimono, and Soups. After a hearty meal, you can indulge in a sweet dessert such as the Mascarpone Crème Brulee, Wakuda’s Style Shaved Ice, Assorted Seasonal fruits, or the chef’s selection for Ice Cream. 

The drinks menu includes versatile options from cocktails, wines, beer, and authentic sake. They also offer whisky, tequila, and mezcals, among other drinks. 

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