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Drink Sweet Bubble Tea in Las Vegas

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink made with black tea, condensed milk, sugar, and chewy tapioca pearls called boba. There are many different variations of this original recipe, and they vary from green tea to fruit-flavored tea. The drink is popular for its light and refreshing taste as well as its health benefits.

Here is a list of the best places to get your sweet bubble tea in Las Vegas


Drink Sweet Bubble Tea in Las Vegas

Bambu is a Vietnamese shop offering special teas, coffees, and more. They have more than twenty-five different brews that you can customize with toppings and add-ons that you like. Some special teas include the Taro, Oolong sea salt tea, and others. The shop is located at the Centre on Spring Mountain and will cater to your craving for sweet bubble tea and more.

Scoop LV

Drink Sweet Bubble Tea in Las Vegas

Scoop LV is a beautiful Concorde Plaza restaurant popular for ice cream. The colorful walls brighten the space, making it welcoming and relaxing for all guests. They offer various flavors of sweet bubble tea, slush drinks, smoothies, and shakes. You can order any of their teas for under $5. Pair your beverage with delicious macarons in flavors such as oreo, red velvet, taro, green tea, and others. In hot weather, the ice cream will not disappoint. Other sweet treats on the menu will excite anyone with a sweet tooth.


Drink Sweet Bubble Tea in Las Vegas

Teaspoon has been a great addition to Las Vegas restaurants since it opened its doors earlier this year. It is originally from California but has various branches, including Las Vegas at the Uncommons. Their tea selection includes bubble tea, Thai tea, Liquid Gold, Black Sugar Assam, and more. The Strawberry Sangria is a signature drink made from black Assam, strawberry marmalade, and natural cane sugar as the sweetener. They also serve coffee drinks and juices such as the Guava Sunset. It helps that they have dairy-free milk varieties for inclusivity.

Brew Tea Bar

Drink Sweet Bubble Tea in Las Vegas

Brew Tea is s a Taiwanese establishment with multiple locations in Las Vegas. They have many dairy and dairy-free options for guests to enjoy. You can find many variations of tasty sea salt lattes, teas, and other fun drinks. The tea section has Jasmine Milk tea, Hokkaido Milk tea, Matcha Milk tea, and more. Feel free to visit and try out something new.

Café 86

Drink Sweet Bubble Tea in Las Vegas

Customers have visited Café 86 for many years to enjoy their ube-flavored drinks and other special menu items. Tea lovers can enjoy drinks such as the Honey B, Ube-Milk tea, Thai tea, iced teas such as the Dragonberry Calamansi Cooler, and more. The restaurant also serves food and pastries.

Diners should anticipate a calming atmosphere, excellent service, and delicious meals. The restaurant is at the Spanish Palms Plaza.

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