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Best Delivery Restaurants in Las Vegas

You don’t always have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy a great meal. Here are some of the best delivery restaurants in Las Vegas:

1. Bronze Café

Best Delivery Restaurants in Las Vegas
Negocio Salad

Bronze Café is a restaurant in Summerlin with a broad menu. There are many healthy dishes and some of the best sandwiches and soups in town. Some of the unique items include the LGBTQ, similar to the classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich but with a twist, served on fresh ciabatta. They also have vegan items for plant-based eaters or anyone who wants a tasty plant-based meal. You can order delivery.

2. Sasa Sushi

Best Delivery Restaurants in Las Vegas
Sushi Rolls

It gets busy at Sasa Sushi during peak hours, with many guests coming in for the all-you-can-eat sushi available as a dine-in option. However, you can also enjoy hearty combinations from your home or office by ordering delivery. One of the best sellers is the deluxe bento box that brings together quite the feast. It includes sushi rolls, rice, salmon, miso soup, a choice of beef or chicken teriyaki, salad, and more as a package, for less than $25. It is the ultimate comfort food, especially if you are craving Asian cuisine. The portions are also generous, and you get value for money. If you wish to dine in, the restaurant is along Cheyenne Avenue.

3. Nacho Daddy

Best Delivery Restaurants in Las Vegas
Nacho and Magarita

Nachos are a simple but delicious meal. Nacho Daddy offers some of the best Nachos in the city, and they have a delivery option. You can customize your order and select whether you want your nachos with chicken breast, lobster, or other meat. They also have toppings that add more flavor and variety to the nachos making them more delicious. You can order a large batch with different combinations to share with friends and family.

4. Chengdu Taste

Best Delivery Restaurants in Las Vegas
at Chengdu Taste

Chinese cuisine brings together unique flavors in various meals. When you are unsure what to eat, go Chinese, as they have special and hearty meals for every palate. Chengdu Taste serves meals like spring onion chicken in pepper sauce, boiled fish with green pepper sauce, volcano squid, and more. You can browse their menu and place an order online to conveniently receive your meal without leaving your couch.

5. Fukuburger Buffalo

Best Delivery Restaurants in Las Vegas
American burger with Japanese Twist

The burgers at Fukuburger Buffalo offer a great twist to classic burgers by infusing Asian flavors into them. For example, the Karai features a beef fukupatty, pickled cucumber, avocado cream, and habanero kabayaki. The juiciness of the patty blends well with the spice from the habanero kabayaki for a one-of-a-kind burger. Other burger types include chicken katsu, kinoko, and the famous fukuburger. Try out one of their specials as hangover food, or on those lazy days you want to order in.


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