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7 Essential Pizza Shops in Las Vegas

You don’t need to be on the east coast to find a good slice. Here are the best pizza shops in Las Vegas

1. Pop Up Pizza

You can find simple but delicious pizza from Pop Up Pizza located at the Plaza Hotel. The pizza shop menu lists several pizza options, which also include a vegan alternative. It helps that you can order by the slice if you prefer, and this way, you can sample multiple flavors at a go. An excellent pick is the Suprema, comprising Italian sausage, Capicola, bell peppers, a flavorful sauce, mushroom, and mozzarella.

2. Pizza Anonymous

Despite only offering four pizza varieties, Pizza Anonymous attracts many customers eager to indulge in their delicious pizza. The pizza shop is “hidden” inside Saint Honore, a doughnut and beignet shop on the edge of Summerlin. Pizza choices include Margherita, pepperoni, salumi, and garlic veggie pizza. Kids enjoy a kids’ cheese pizza, and the cauliflower crust is an excellent option if you prefer a gluten-free choice.

3. Evel Pie

This is a fantastic place to grab a slice of pizza along Fremont Street. Evel Pie also has specialty 20-inch pizza sliced into eight slices you can enjoy with friends. They include the Barry White pie with mozzarella, ricotta, and pecorino or a simple Gang Green with basil pesto and mozzarella, among others. The shop also offers wings, meatballs, and salad.

4. Good Pie

Good Pie brings New-York style pizza to Las Vegas in a cute shop along South Main Street. Like many other shops, you can order slices or a full pie if you like. Vincent Rotolo is the star who brings all the flavors together, serving delicious pizza on a thin crust. Pizza choices come in round crusts or pizza squares, and vegan choices are available.

5. Giordano’s

Some people consider Giordano’s the best location for pizza in Summerlin. Well, they offer a tasty deep-dish pizza that most people, including picky eaters, enjoy. The bacon bbq chicken and the Chicago classic are some of the exciting deep-dish pizza varieties that impress with tasty layers. However, if the layers are not your cup of tea, you can still order the same options and more on a thin crust. They also offer a make-your-own pizza option as a deep-dish, and on a thin or extra thin crust.

6. Heavenly Pies

Another exciting pizza place is Heavenly pies in Southern Highlands, a gem by award-winning chef Luciano Pellegrini. He charms diners with delectable pizza choices, including the 5 Formaggi, Margherita, Big Tex Bbq chicken pizza, and more. You can also build your pizza customized with your choice of protein, cheese, non-meats, sauce, and add-ons. However, the chef recommends a maximum of four toppings. Understandably so, as simplicity is the ultimate sophistication even when it comes to food.

7. Old School Pizzeria

The pizza quality offered at Old School Pizzeria is outstanding, featuring 14″, 18″, and 24″ pizzas. They have unique offerings such as the Vegas meets Italy pizza, comprising ricotta, scarmoza, pistachio, arugula, prosciutto, dates, mushroom, heirloom tomatoes, and date cream. Each chef’s creation brings a tasteful balance of flavor to give you the best pizza experience. This shop has multiple locations, including Lake Mead & 95 and Blue Diamond & Buffalo.

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