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5 Spots Where You Can Find Delicious Donuts in Las Vegas

You can never go wrong with donuts for breakfast or as a snack. Here are the best spots to find delicious donuts in Las Vegas. 

1. Wicked Donuts

5 Spots Where You Can Find Delicious Donuts in Las Vegas

You can find some of the best city’s donuts from Wicked Donuts at Tucson Plaza. Chef Robert Teddy has mastered combining flavors and making the best donuts for his customers. He offers classic and gourmet donuts in assorted flavors. Some of the best picks include crème brulee, mojito, and the blue suede banana. You can also order online.

2. Donut Bar

5 Spots Where You Can Find Delicious Donuts in Las Vegas

As the name suggests, Donut bar specializes in bringing the best donuts to its clients. It helps that it’s just three minutes away from the Fremont Experience, and you can conveniently visit and grab some donuts to go. Flavors include Maple Bourbon, Homer’s Donuts, and more. The Donut bar is an award-winning bar that has featured on some of the biggest shows, including the Ellen Degeneres show, Fox News and Food Network. 

3. Saint Honore Doughnuts & Beignets

5 Spots Where You Can Find Delicious Donuts in Las Vegas

Another spot with tasty and quality doughnuts is Saint Honore Doughnuts along Flamingo Road. It is a one-of-a-kind couture donut shop that not only caters to cravings but also has impressive packages for gifting friends or for occasions. They offer a variety that includes brioche donuts, seasonal flavors, and gluten-free and vegan options.

4. Blooming Buns Bakehouse

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The people running Blooming Buns Bakehouse take things a notch higher by offering clients Brionuts. It is a donut on a brioche base to make the treat better than a traditional donut. Customers get value for money featuring soft and flavourful pastries. The ring Brionuts come in flavors like Dunkaroo, Churro, Oreo Obsession, Dulce Pecan Crunch, and others. The bakehouse has excellent reviews from people who have visited, the staff is friendly, the price range is affordable, and the offerings are delicious. You can find this shop at Durango Square.

5. Pinkbox Doughnuts

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Las Vegas residents enjoy donuts from this unique donut shop with exciting donut flavors. There are three locations of Pinkbox Doughnuts catering to customers from different parts of the city. One along Tropicana Avenue, another in Henderson, and the last one on Lake Mead Boulevard. Sample doughnuts such as strawberry shortcake, red velvet, and others, based on your preference. Their donut flavors are versatile, suiting even customers with a picky palate.  

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