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5 Las Vegas Restaurants That Make Their Own Noodles

Las Vegas has the best food in the country. You’ll see what we mean when you try hand-made noodles

Beijing Noodle 9

5 Las Vegas Restaurants That Make Their Own Noodles
A bowl of noodles at Beijing Noodles 9

Beijing Noodle 9 is a sophisticated restaurant located at Caesars Palace. The ambiance is appealing, and diners enjoy more than just a meal from here. The noodle dishes are as enticing as the noodle-making process and will not disappoint. Enjoy top sellers like the braised beef shank noodle soup, among other traditional Chinese meals.

The Magic Noodle 

5 Las Vegas Restaurants That Make Their Own Noodles
Hand pulled noodle soups

Another location where guests can watch the noodle-making process is the Magic Noodle at Apache Plaza. Diners enjoy the view of chefs in action from a bar-seating setting as they wait for their meals. The noodles are hand-crafted to have the chewy consistency characteristic of the best noodle types. The menu includes noodles like the Kung Pao Chicken Noodles, spicy pork rib noodle soup, and others. 

Ohjah Noodle House

5 Las Vegas Restaurants That Make Their Own Noodles
Oxtail soup with noodles

Ohjah is known for many reasons, and among them is having exceptional noodles. There is one in Henderson and a second one along Durango Drive. It is affordable, serving hearty meals with most dishes under $15. 

Guests can order shrimp fried noodles, house-fried noodles, miso ramen, beef ramen, and more. Appetizers like garlic edamame are an excellent way to start your meal as you wait for your noodle dish of choice. If you are not too full by the time you finish your meal, you can also order some mocha ice cream for dessert.

Shang Artisan Noodle

5 Las Vegas Restaurants That Make Their Own Noodles
Shang artisan noodles

Skilled artisans put in the work to bring you the best noodles at Shang Artisan Noodle, a beautiful restaurant at the Flamingo Decatur Plaza. They use traditional techniques from the Shan-Xi region, which uses great expertise to prepare special noodles. You can sample their take on noodle dishes with seafood noodles, Shang beef noodles, pork belly noodles, chicken sesame cold noodles, and more. You can add extra bean sprouts, bok choy, wonton, and more for less than $5. 

Mian Las Vegas

5 Las Vegas Restaurants That Make Their Own Noodles
Spare Rib Noodles

Mian is one of Chinatown’s gems for Asian specialties. They make their noodles in-house and serve them in finger-licking dishes like spare rib noodles. The dishes here are primarily spicy, but you can order a meal with your preferred heat levels, which the staff will be more than happy to serve you. Despite there being multiple Chinese restaurants in this part of town, Mian is worth checking out for its affordability and quality meals. 


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