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5 Cheap Eats Near the Las Vegas Strip (2022)

The diversity of Las Vegas food options means you can conveniently get delicious cheap eats. Here are some top locations near the Strip for affordable meals:

1 Divine Dosa

Indulge in the best Indian cuisine from Divine Dosa at the Gold Key Shops. Here you can find authentic Indian meals such as biryani, fried Papadums, curry, naan, kabobs, and more. The Lassi Bar offers assorted drinks from authentic lassi, a special refreshing yogurt drink, to wine, liquors, liqueurs, beers, and more. It is a certified Indian restaurant, meaning you get all the meals prepared using traditional recipes, with wholesome flavors as you would experience if you went to India.

2 Frijoles & Fresca<br>

This is an excellent choice to visit for fresh and authentic Mexican food. Frijoles and Fresca has six locations in Las Vegas, including one along Desert Inn Road. 

The Taco bar section of the menu offers options such as grilled chicken, Carnitas, and Carne Asada tacos. Other meals include quesadillas, tostadas with shrimp, fries, and more. Many side dishes complement your meals, such as Mexican street corn, rice, beans, guacamole, salsa, etc.

3 Archi’s Thai Café

One thing about Las Vegas is that you will experience food cultures from around the world. Archi’s Thai Café is a top pick for Thai cuisine, with authentic meals at competitive prices. Their lunch menu offers choices such as Pad Thai, Pepper Steak, Pad Pak, and others, all served with fried wonton, a special soup of the day, and an egg roll.  The sweet sticky rice with ice cream is a delicious dessert item that everybody should try at this café.

4 Coronado Café<br>

Affordability meets outstanding meals from this café at the South Point Café. Locals love Coronado café for its diverse menu, which includes Chinese food. It operates around the clock and also features a coffee shop. Feel free to visit with the whole family as they also have a kids’ menu.

5 Big Wong Restaurant

This is a Chinese restaurant along Spring Mountain road serving classic Chinese dishes. Big Wong serves tasty and filling meals, with most menu items going for less than $10. For example, you can enjoy a special deep-fried pork chop with Udon noodle soup for only $4.95. They also have thin ribeye pasta, authentic curry chicken over rice, and house special shrimp wonton with Udon soup at the same price range. 


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