INTERVIEW: EDC 2023 Headliner Anabel Englund on DJing, New Single, Motherhood, and More

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The time leading up to the annual Electric Daisy Carnival is hectic for any artist on the festival’s roster. From set preparation and digging for fresh tunes to finishing new productions to premiere at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway—and then, of course, the impending travel—it can be a lot on one’s turntable platter. But seasoned pro Anabel Englund is always up for the challenge, having been a triple-threat singer/producer/DJ for over a decade. Even newly becoming a first-time mother hasn’t hindered her drive but is fueling it even more, thanks to the accompanying inspiration from her new little love. Vegas411 caught up with Englund ahead of not one but two sets at EDC 2023.

First up on what will be an extra busy May 19 for Englund is the release of her new single. “It was actually the first song I wrote after I had my baby, and it’s called ‘Strangely Sentimental,'” says Englund. “I wrote it with my friend Lena Leon, and Adam Novodor produced it,” she says. “I got in the studio, and we got a theme going about being strangely sentimental towards a memory or a time or a person—I mean, it really could stand for anything,” explains Englund. “The main hook line is, ‘I don’t remember a thing about us, I just know we had fun.'”

Also fun on Friday will be her two sets at EDC Las Vegas, first at Camp EDC (the on-site festival within the festival for on-site campers), then Friday night at the Circuit Grounds stage. However, Englund admits that it was a bit surreal when she initially returned to the booth after welcoming her baby. At first, it was kind of hard; I had imposter syndrome,” she says. “I remember my first show back—it had really only been a few months, but I just was like, ‘Oh my gosh, am I playing the right music?’ I was questioning everything about my set.”

“It was as if ‘Oh, because I’m a mom now, I can’t be all the things I used to be before this’—which isn’t true—but it was just what my brain was telling me,” she says. “The first few months were just me trying to figure out my new identity, right? I mean, I had never been a mom before, and all of a sudden, I’m a mom, and I’m figuring out, okay, I’m a mom, but I’m also all these other things. And what is being a mom even look like? So that was interesting. But now I’m just totally vibing, and I feel like I have my groove and rhythm.”

That doesn’t mean leaving her Los Angeles-area home where Englund is in “full-on mom mode” isn’t difficult, but she knows she wouldn’t be doing her or her son justice if she stopped chasing the dream that has become reality. “When I’m going and doing my shows, I’m 100% Anabel Englund, doing my thing, networking, meeting people, showing up as the best as I can,” she says. “So yeah, it’s been a lot, but it’s taken a while for me to figure out who I am now—I guess with this new spoke on my wheel.”

There’s also a new world of songwriting inspiration about the deep love she’s never felt before that will radiate from the DJ booth. Englund’s sets are predominantly her own tracks—including live vocals while she spins. The aforementioned single “Strangely Sentimental” will also be on her forthcoming EP, so fans may get a sneak peek at some of those fresh tunes. “I’m going to be playing more of a daytime vibey set, the first show, and then the second show, I’m going to be playing more of like a nighttime, sexy, sultry show.”

Englund has come a long way from being a quick guest singer during other DJs’ sets to taking over the tables headlining gigs. “It’s funny because I was just talking with a friend about how much I’ve grown and developed,” she says. “I used to hop on like Lee Fosse’s set or something like that and sing for 15 minutes and then be done. But now I’m doing hour to two hours or more sets, and I’m playing all my own music and DJing.” Her impressive skillsets and passion have made her a standout talent in the expansive house music scene, where she’s destined to continue rising in the ranks of a predominantly boy’s club. Says Englund, “It’s time for me to show that I am an independent artist for sure.”

Follow Anabel Englund on Instagram @anabelenglund. EDC 2023 takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway May 19-23. Learn more HERE.


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    Deanna Rilling is a veteran journalist based in Las Vegas, NV. She has been involved in the music scene for over 20 years and turned that love of music into a full-time career in 2007. Contributions include "Billboard," "NME," "DJ Mag," "DJ Times,", Beatport,, "Elevate Magazine,"’s Cuepoint, "Las Vegas Weekly," "Las Vegas Sun," Whet Travel (Groove Cruise, Groove Island, and Whet Foundation), WeedGenics, "Nightclub & Bar, Star Magazine, on-air and voiceover talent at Pulse 96.7 FM/Pulse 87 NY," "944," "Smash Magazine," "Vegas Seven," "Nite Guide," "Vegas Magazine," "Club & Casino," "M8 Magazine" (U.K.), "Pulse," "up!" (Canada),,, "onAir "(Canada),, "Venetian Style," "Las Vegas Life," "EDM Magazine," "Vegas Rated," "Backstage," Ethel M Chocolates (MARS), Falcon Publicity, Circle 8 PR, and more.

Deanna Rilling is a veteran journalist based in Las Vegas, NV. She has been involved in the music scene for over 20 years and turned that love of music into a full-time career in 2007. Contributions include "Billboard," "NME," "DJ…

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