10 Questions with ATOMIC SALOON SHOW’s Fernando Miro


In part one of this profile, I introduced you to the astoundingly talented Fernando Miro. A Puerto Rican actor/dancer/acrobat/model/filmmaker with a resume that would be impressive for any entertainer, this deeply introspective gentleman is only in his early 30s.

Be sure to check out the first segment here. Then come back for a just-for-fun game of “10 Questions with Fernando Miro”.

VEGAS 411 – What are your favorite outdoor and indoor activities?

“I love the ocean. I am an islander, after all, I grew up near beaches and love being near the water. Here in Vegas, we have pools everywhere and Lake Mead, so any chance I get, I’m in the water. For indoor activities, I love going to watch shows, or binge-watching TV series and movies all cuddled up at home. Also, love photography and have been spending most of my free time learning and finding ways to expand my style of photography for the past few years.”

VEGAS 411 – Your choices are sky diving, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, and deep-sea diving. Which have you done, and which would you never do?

“I’m a huge fan of thrill-seeking activities (acrobat, after all) but I’ve never skydived before. It’s definitely on my bucket list. Bungee jumping and deep-sea diving are more common where I’m from and I’ve done those a few times, but I’ve also been looking into hot air balloon adventures lately. Maybe when the summer heat relaxes a bit.”

VEGAS 411 – Katy Perry or Adele? Madonna or Lady Gaga? Garth Brooks or John Legend?

“I may be biased since I toured with Katy Perry. I don’t know Adele’s music that well but I love Katy…she’s an incredible human, incredibly sweet, funny, and a real honest person. I’m definitely team Madonna, and absolutely team John Legend.”

VEGAS 411 -What’s the craziest Halloween costume you ever wore, and where did you go in it?

“I’m kind of secretly a nerd, and I’ve cosplayed quite a few Disney characters. My favorites so far have been Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, Prince Eric, and last year I dressed up as Deadpool which was a massive hit. Most performers in town usually organize a group party and end up in someone’s house, rent a venue or go Downtown Fremont Street to party a bit and see everyone’s costumes. Halloween is my favorite season of the year.”

VEGAS 411 – People would be surprised to know that you have never seen this famous movie. What is it?

“Hahaha, well I’m a huge cinema fan, but there are a few famous ones I’ve never gotten to see. I’ve never seen “ET”, “The Godfather”, or any of the Avengers movies. I think I may have seen one of the Spiderman movies but a really long time ago.”

“Aquiles” enjoys being spoiled by Daddy.

VEGAS 411 – When friends or family visit, what’s the one place you always take them to? 

“I love taking them to see shows in town. There are so many great shows now, there’s a show for everyone and every occasion. My go-to shows are Absinthe, Atomic Saloon, and Mystere. Ghost Town as well is a very cool place to take visitors to and of course just walking around the Strip, checking out the hotels, Bellagio Fountains, and people-watching is a definite must.”

VEGAS 411 – Atomic Saloon Show gives you the opportunity to show off your aerial and dancing skills, along with an amazing body. What other talents do you have that people don’t know about?

“Aw, thanks. I’m actually one of those artists that enjoy learning a bit of everything. I love photography, I love modeling, I’m a graphic designer as well, I love acting, and my previous roommate used to say I have the soul of Whitney Houston trapped inside me ’cause I love singing. Even though I’m absolutely terrible at it.”

VEGAS 411 – Are you more at home on the beach or inside a mountain cabin during snowfall?

“I think I really love both equally. I grew up on the beaches of Puerto Rico so there’s the nostalgia of relaxing in the sand, but I do love my cozy couch time in winter by the fireplace with a nice glass of wine and a nice candlelit dinner.”

VEGAS 411 – Everybody has at least one vice….things like cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, or maybe a certain food. What is your vice, and do you plan to ever quit it?

“I’m addicted to COFFEE! Like 2-4 cups a day. I’m used to having a pretty hectic day on the regular so constantly need to feel like I’m awake and crushing everything as I go, and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. Also, my favorite food is chicken fingers. I eat them any time of the day and I’m constantly the joke at the table every time we’re in a fancy restaurant and that’s my go-to dinner choice.”

VEGAS 411You just won an all-expenses-paid evening in Las Vegas…either a romantic dinner for two or bottle service at a nightclub? Which one would you choose, where will you be going, and who is with you?

“I’m always on the hunt to find cool, unique fun places in town. I would take a romantic dinner or even a fun hangout with friends in a quieter lounge than partying in a nightclub. Every now and then it’s fun to check out the nightlife scene in town but I’d rather visit a place where I can have an interesting conversation surrounded by great company. Some of my favorite restaurants are “Lemongrass” in Aria Hotel, “Esther’s Kitchen” on Main Street (Downtown), and “Sushi Samba” at the Grand Canal Shoppes. Most definitely my close friends are usually with me having a few drinks and plotting our next group adventure.”