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5 Best Kept Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas has a lot to offer residents and guests. Apart from the mainstream locations and activities, here are some secrets of the Las Vegas strip that you may find intriguing:

The Titanic

titanic the exhibit


You can find an actual part of the Titanic in Las Vegas. The exhibition is at the Luxor; you can visit and see part of the sunken ship with your own eyes. It’s a significant part of history, so remember to take pictures! Apart from part of the boat’s shell, other exhibits include a window frame, some luggage, a sealed champagne bottle, and more. 

Secret Pizza

5 Best Kept Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip

Secret Pizza is a pizza place hidden away at the Cosmopolitan. If you do not know where the restaurant is, it may be challenging to find it as there are no signs or markings to help you locate this pizza place. However, this is one of the best places to enjoy delicious New York-style pizza. It is a great secret to discover. 

Kiss Monster Mini-Golf

5 Best Kept Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip

Playing mini-golf sounds like an average regular activity until you play at the mini-golf playground of the legendary KISS. It is a vast play area with a KISS theme, where you can enjoy some rock-n-roll and a game of mini-golf at this unique location. Additional perks include music memorabilia, a rock-n-roll wedding chapel, gift shops, and more that will make your visit worthwhile. Head over to the Rio Hotel for this and more. 

Underground Speakeasy


5 Best Kept Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip

You have probably heard of or visited the Mob Museum if you have been to Las Vegas. However, few people know of the Underground Speakeasy bar under the museum. The secret is not only of its existence, but you also need to know a secret password to gain admission. In fact, the password is a code that changes weekly to keep the mystery going. You will have a great time at this elusive location on the Strip. 

The Pinball Hall of Fame

5 Best Kept Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip

This spot is a fantastic place to enjoy exciting pinball games. If you are traveling on a budget, the Pinball Hall of Fame is an excellent pick for a daytime activity, and you do not need to pay a dime to experience it. Plus, the retro vibes make it ideal for photos. 

These are some of the best secrets of the Las Vegas strip!