Have You Heard of Lake Las Vegas?

Lake Las Vegas is one of the city’s hidden gems. It’s a man-made lake and offers a relaxing experience away from the Strip

History of the Lake

The initial concept of building this artificial lake was the idea of J.C.Adair. He initiated the project and planned to name it “Lake Adair” after himself. Unfortunately, the project came to a halt after funding became a challenge.

Ronald Boedekker revived the project and took over after successfully reclaiming the rights to the property. More parties came together with major assets to complete the project. It took time to make the lake what it is today, and during this period, there were multiple closures resulting from various challenges. In 2007, there was a temporary shutdown of the project. Luckily, things got better, and eventually, the beautiful lake became what the developers envisioned.

Everything You Need to Know About the Lake

The lake is located in Henderson, 20 miles away from the Strip, which takes about 25 minutes driving to get here. It sits on 320 acres with a shoreline extending up to ten miles. The expansive acreage accommodates approximately 1.2 billion gallons of water.

Activities at the Lake


The large size of the lake supports multiple activities, including swimming and several water sports. Visitors can enjoy pedal boats, paddle boarding, yachts, flyboard lessons, kayaking, and more. The lake also hosts occasional events, such as the Neon Paddle event, that brings many people to the lake to participate or to cheer other participants. Other outdoor activities include hiking, which enables visitors to enjoy spectacular views of the lake along the trail.

Don’t forget to bring the young ones along as they can also have a great time. The floating aqua park will keep the young ones busy, and they, too, can have fun. Older kids above ten can get on the bow-up structure for more adventure.

The Village is an exciting location to visit when visiting Lake Las Vegas. It brings a shopping and dining experience to make your trip wholesome. It is European-inspired, and visitors can enjoy unique experiences in a serene environment.


There is something for everyone, from fun and casual eateries to fine-dining experiences. Mimi and Coco Bistro is an excellent pick if you want to enjoy a meal on the lakefront.


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