Where to Catch Live Music on the Strip

Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world. With so many great places to catch live music, it’s hard to decide where to go. Here are a few places to catch live music on the Strip. 


Where to Catch Live Music on the Strip
Delilah Lounge and Fine dining

Head to Delilah at the Wynn for a sophisticated dining experience paired with live music. The music includes a classy playlist earlier in the evening and becomes more upbeat as the night progresses. The DJ plays tunes complimenting the mood on the premises, and you will indeed have a great time. If you are a lover of jazz, the best day to visit is on Sunday, when they keep it live jazz throughout the night. 

This place is VERY popular, so reservations may be hard to get.

Gilley’s Saloon

Where to Catch Live Music on the Strip
Gilley’s Stage

Gilley’s is one of the most popular locations to enjoy live music and have fun. The cowboy theme and bull riding in this saloon keep the crowds coming to have a good time. You can also sing along and dance to some of the greatest country music hits as part of their playlists. Not to forget the beautiful Gilley girls that keep the party going with their seamless dance moves. They also have various drinks and food keeping everything guests wish for under one roof. 

Brooklyn Bowl

Where to Catch Live Music on the Strip
Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Brooklyn Bowl is one of the most underrated locations on the Strip, yet it brings fun experiences such as live music, delicious meals, bowling, and more. They also host live shows and performances and have had big names like Kehlani and Chance the Rapper on their stage. If you want an upscale experience at one of these shows, you can try their private lounge boxes, which are more comfortable than the general areas. The sound quality is exemplary, and you can enjoy live music in style from here.

Dawg House Saloon and Sports Book

Where to Catch Live Music on the Strip
Dawg House Saloon

Something exciting is always happening at the Dawg House Saloon, a famous lounge at Resorts World. Their event calendar is often packed with fun activities ranging from karaoke nights, live DJ sets, dueling pianos, and more. On some nights, the music will keep you on your toes with exciting playlists featuring popular hits of different genres. There is plenty of food and assorted drinks, so bring your friends and have fun at this location. 

Losers Bar

Where to Catch Live Music on the Strip
Losers Las Vegas

You can enjoy a soothing playlist of live country music hits from various artists at Losers, MGM Grand. They also have other music experiences, such as karaoke nights held on Mondays. Many visitors of the MGM Grand and beyond visit the bar to unwind and enjoy the music, food, and drink. It is an excellent place to enjoy a simple evening or pregame before you later hit the club. 

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