Clint Carvalho – The Birdman of Las Vegas

Unique entertainer and his cast of parrots offer belly laughs and therapy…

Clint Carvalho Birdman

Earlier this summer, Vegas animal acts came under scrutiny when magician Dirk Arthur was rumored to be opening at downtown’s NOTORIETY LIVE. The reasons for public outcry were many, and you can read about them right here.

Almost immediately, the team at NOTORIETY issued a statement that the show would not be moving forward. The reason I bring this up is, that although performing animals are deeply frowned upon in today’s society, not all situations are equal. And that’s where Clint Carvalho comes in.

I’ve been yearning to see Clint Carvalho on stage for quite some time. The buzz around this entertainer is almost as colorful as the plumage of his costars. Far from just a novelty act, Carvalho steeps his talents in the flavors of positivity. For every laugh, there is a message. With every surprise comes a gesture of kindness. In other words, he’s a showman with a huge heart.

Clint adopted his first parrot at the age of eleven, and their friendship became so well-known that the two of them started visiting schools to entertain children. As his flock grew, so did the understanding that his birds wanted to do tricks. “It’s not a job for them,” he says. “It’s playtime. Also, all my parrots are rescues that I’ve rehabilitated.”

That statement was significant when I brought up Dirk Arthur’s troubled big-cats show. “Dirk’s biggest problem is he uses large cats that need licensing and are protected by the USDA,” he told me. “Mine are parrots and can be bought at any pet store like a dog or a cat.”

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Clint and his rescued friends have been part of the Vegas entertainment scene for three decades. In addition to numerous production shows, they’re favorites at Springs Preserve, the nature-based attraction and habitat known as the “Birthplace of Las Vegas”.

As seen in the clips above. the special needs of children have become a big part of Clint’s mission. He understands the emotional reaction and memories that interaction with his birds can create. That’s how The Bird Bus came to be.

“I have a mobile parrot photography studio that’s called The Bird Bus. It’s used to go to people’s homes that have autism to give them a chance to interact with parrots and have kind of a normal life for just a minute.”

Special needs are not a problem with The Bird Bus. It’s even equipped with a wheelchair lift. The Bird Bus visits places like St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, festivals, events, schools, and private homes. One excited guest posted this on The Bird Bus Facebook Page during the Christmas season:

“Today we had a photoshoot with exotic birds!! 🥰🤗🙌… We got to hang out with each bird and learn about them. People who never let anyone take their picture were happily in front of the camera, smiling real smiles!”
“My mom is disabled and my son’s cousin is autistic. Wasn’t a problem at all! There is a wheelchair lift so they were able to easily get in the bus and be part of the experience, and Clint was super patient as they required more time 🙏❤️…”

Clint Carvalho - America's Got Talent-Semi-Finals 2012 AGT

It’s been a decade since “Clint Carvalho and his Extreme Parrots” achieved nationwide fame on America’s Got Talent. Although the act didn’t win the grand prize, it already had what most competitors long for – a place on the Las Vegas stage.
Right now, you can see Clint and his friends every week at Miss Behave’s MAVERICKS. We told you about the outstanding variety show at Downtown’s CHEAPSHOT Showroom and Discotheque right hereMAVERICKS performs Thursday through Saturday, showtimes vary by evening. Tickets start at $25.00 and up.

CHEAPSHOT is located at 517 East Fremont Street. Hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday from 7 pm until midnight. Visit their website for more information. Tickets to Miss Behave’s MAVERICKS can be purchased here.


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