Find the Seven Magic Mountains

When I first saw the Seven Magic Mountains, I was in awe. This great wonder has an alluring quality that no one can resist.

Find the Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation featuring seven neon-colored rock towers outside Las Vegas. They are 30 feet tall and are a media sensation, with over one thousand people, both locals and tourists, visiting the site each day. Although the installation first opened in May 2016 and was supposed to be displayed only for two years, its incredible popularity made the producers renew the permit. It seems it will be a permanent fixture.

The installation is on a three-acre plot of federal-owned land. Its magic lies in its combination of brilliant color and rough stone. When you see it, you will note that it could well be the missing link between the glowing Technicolor city of Sin City and rock formations.

So, Who Created this Art?

Find the Seven Magic Mountains

It was created by Ugo Rondinone, a renowned Swiss artist. His works and collections are in many global museums, including the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. Besides paintings and neon signs, his other works include live performances that involve colorful clowns like Breath, Walk, Die.

What is the Meaning of the Seven Magic Mountains?

This is actually open to interpretation. Its website states: “the location is physically and symbolically mid-way between the natural and artificial: the natural expressed by the mountain ranges, desert, and Jean Dry Lake backdrop, and the artificial expressed by the highway and constant flow of traffic between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.”

My idea is that the towering rocks are a representation of Las Vegas City, with its glittering neon lights and gigantic hotels. Do you know what comes to my mind when I see these jumbo rocks sitting clueless in the middle of nowhere? I think, why would someone build these in the middle of a desert? But then, I look again and I understand why.

This is what Vegas should do for you. It should help you forget your troubles and relax.

I recommend you visit and feel the magic of the Seven Magic Mountains. It’s a great idea if you want to do something that won’t give you a hangover. You can go at whatever time you want. It is free, so there are no restrictions. But make sure you have your own vehicle because there is no public transport.

Find the Seven Magic Mountains

Things to Know When You Visit 

  • Bring plenty of water.
  • There are no restrooms.
  • Don’t leave any trash there. Please adhere to the leave-no-trace principle.
  • Be respectful because this is a public art installation, not a playground.

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