Cirque Italia to Make a Splash


Cirque Italia, Water Circus is here. If you are unfamiliar with Cirque Italia, it’s the most spectacular Pirate Adventure you’ll ever escape to. It brings the tents, the lights, and the costumes you may be familiar with for any circus, but this European style of entertainment is slightly different.

Imagine a fully immersive and interactive show following Rafael’s hunt for buried treasure. Rafael, the clown, takes the audience on an epic quest across land and sea. Yes, sea! The stage holds over 35,000 gallons of water that performers dazzle over while thrilling the audience with every move. A high-energy night filled with acrobats, skaters, juggling acts, and so much more happens amidst a life-sized pirate ship replica built by Ferrari!

There are no animals in this circus. “The owner just believed we didn’t need animals in our show,” performer Samantha Kulinski explains. “He thought that it was time to bring something different to the U.S. The U.S. is very accustomed to the mud show, the three-ring circus, the animals. We wanted to bring that European experience.”

Cirque Italia, created in 2012, is owned and produced by Manuel Rebecchi, the nephew of Maira Orfie, the world-renowned queen of the Italian Circus. Since then, six other shows have been added to the amusement repertoire.

Cirque Italia, Silver Unit will perform nightly at Craig Ranch Park May 12 through 15 and May 18 through 22 at Meadows Mall. Box office hours, times, and discount codes are available online at


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