Are You Ready for a Brand-New Experience?

Embark on a journey of boundless imagination and endless possibilities at Transfix, the largest immersive art experience on the planet. Spanning across a massive two acres of space, this multi-level labyrinth at Resorts World is a mesmerizing wonderland filled with sculptures, projections, and immersive soundscapes designed to command your attention!

The creators want to take you into a world of kinetic art and fire-breathing wonders, where every twist and turn leads to a new visual treat! Instagrammers, this might be your paradise. Every step of this experience is made for the eyes. Be prepared to witness and interact with over 50 unique art installations.

Transfix is suitable for all ages until 10 pm, making it a fun destination for families and friends to explore together (There’s even a family pack ticketing package offered). After 10 pm, the adventure continues with an exclusive admission for those 21+.

To really set the mood, there will be a wide range of food trucks, refreshing drinks, and live DJ performances throughout the exhibition. The late-night walkthroughs might feel like you’re exploring a trippy club.

Tickets to Transfix start at $59. Small or clear bags only.


Resorts World, 3000 South Las Vegas Boulevard. 


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