5 Things to Do at Valley of Fire in Nevada

Covering over 40,000 acres of land, the Valley of Fire is one of Nevada’s most scenic places to visit. There are several bucket-list-worthy things to do and it is only an hour away from Las Vegas. Here are the five best things to do at the State Park:

1. Explore the Beehives

Exploring these exciting sandstone formations in the Valley is an excellent idea. You can easily find the rocks on the other side of the road from Atlatl rock and the campground. Parking is available for a few cars, and you can picnic by the beehives. These beautiful geographic formations, make the place a favorite spot to take pictures

2. View the Beautiful Landscapes

You don’t have to do much to have a great time in the Valley of Fire. There are scenic views within the entire Valley, and you can see this right from the road. Other State Parks require you to do some hiking to enjoy the best scenery. Luckily, much of this Valley’s beauty is visible from just about anywhere in the Valley. As you drive through, you will see fascinating rock formations, including pink and orange sandstone rocks that are a sight to behold. A trip to the Valley is fun and relaxing, with all there is to see and explore.

3. Rainbow Vista Trail

Aerial views are among the best kinds of views, as a view from above is often unobstructed. The rainbow hike is an exciting trail you can explore even if you are not a frequent hiker. The round trip is only one mile long, and anyone with average fitness can easily hike up. The Rainbow Vista trail ends up on a hill that offers scenic views of the Valley of Fire. The trail is off Mouse’s Tank Road and is relatively easy to access. 

4. Mouse’s Tank Road Viewpoint

Another popular spot in the Valley of Fire is the viewpoint located along Mouse’s Tank Road. The particular spot allows you to see the road from an impressive angle, with the road running between rock formations and leading to beautiful geographical features up ahead. 

To get to the viewpoint, from the parking at Rainbow Vista, drive south along Mouse’s Tank road like you are headed to the park’s exit. While you are on the road, you will get a downhill slope, after which the road bends right, and there will be a pullout visible on the right side of the road where you can park the car. Go up the rock just by the pullout, and you will experience the magnificent viewpoint from where you get the best views of the road and valley yonder. 

5. Pink Canyon Hike

This is among the most photo-worthy parts of the Valley and is also called the Pastel canyon. Despite being a small canyon, it is worth visiting, and you will marvel at its beauty during the short ten-minute walk it takes to go through it. Pictures don’t do the pink scalloped walls justice, and it is best if you experience it yourself. 


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