3 Ways to Get Over a Breakup in Vegas, “Swingers”-style


woman crying after breakup

“Swingers” was a great movie that came out in the 90s that showed how a man that was stuck in obsession over his ex-girlfriend. He ultimately had to get out of town and go to Vegas to forget his love. He finally got over her, with the help of his friends.

Here are three lessons you can learn from “Swingers” if you want to get over a breakup in Vegas.

1. Indulge in the “beautiful babies”

Sometimes, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Vegas is full of attractive men and women to try to have a night or two of passion with to really let go. Or maybe you have a brutally honest conversation with a stranger about how hard it was to end the relationship, and you end up with insight, the way Mikey did in the scene with the two “beautiful babies” in the beginning. They found his honesty refreshing, and it was cathartic for him.

2. Dress like you’re “money”

Instead of staying home in your sweatpants eating ice cream, put on something dapper and get out there. Looking good can truly make your ego swell and make you aware that you’re back in the dating pool, even if you aren’t quite ready. And good things come to those that wait, as seen in the film.

3. Rely on the support of friends and hit the town

Our instinct is to isolate and ruminate when we’re dumped. Let one of your friends who loves to socialize take you out for a time on the town.

What are your best tips for getting over a breakup in Vegas?


  • Monica Viera is an author and poet from East LA. She enjoys punk rock, cats, and jazz. You can find her work at www.wordsbymonica.com

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