What Is Arcadia Earth Las Vegas?

There is much to learn at Arcadia Earth Las Vegas.

What Is Arcadia Earth Las Vegas?
Arcadia Earth

What is Arcadia Earth?

Arcadia Earth is an exhibit in Las Vegas that is the second of its kind, with the first in New York. The display is for a great cause, highlighting some of the current environmental issues on earth. 

The exhibit includes beautiful visuals in every room, focusing on specific environmental challenges such as pollution, endangered species, deforestation, and more. There are many different mediums and displays made from upcycled materials, which is part of learning where guests learn how such things as plastic impact the environment.

What Is Arcadia Earth Las Vegas?
Home is where the ocean is, so treat it well

There is also the use of advanced technology, where guests can download an app during their visit that enhances their overall experience. The app is compatible with Android and IOS and helps you see some spectacular displays you must scan on a device to view. They appear as graphics on walls or the floor, and when you scan, you see media files such as sea creature videos and more from your phone. If you do not have a phone with you, you can get an Ipad on request to ensure you get all the fun. 

Please do not leave without trying the VR sets, which show wildlife and more in their natural habitat. The displays vary, and no two people see the same thing simultaneously. 

What Is Arcadia Earth Las Vegas?
Trees improve air quality

Arcadia earth is art with a message, delivering much-needed conversations about what is happening around the planet and what we can do to improve things. It is a fun activity for people of all ages, and the staff takes the time to explain things and help visitors where need be. 

Where is Arcadia Earth?

You can visit this informative exhibit at the Showcase Mall in Las Vegas. The mall is right on the Strip in the Paradise area, a few minutes from the Big Apple Coaster and Arcade at New York-New York. Once inside the mall, the exhibit is close to the Adidas store. 

There is an admission fee starting from around $33. At peak times, this can go up to about $39. Special groups such as children or the military can get special tickets at a discount. 

It is best to download the app before your visit to be ready to explore as soon as you enter the premises. Lastly, you can visit the gift shop, which has many cute items you can take home as a souvenir. 


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