Top Three Spots to Bungee Jump in Las Vegas

Vegas is a wonderful city in that there’s so much you can do- drink, gamble, swim, and basically get away. There are also quite a few spots in Vegas worth bungee jumping at. There are such extraordinary views that will make you feel like you’re really seeing the entire city as you take a leap. Of course, this also takes a leap of confidence, which is why we included one simulation option. It’s the same thrills, but none of the risk and worry.

Maybe you’ve always been intrigued by the thought of soaring through the sky, but never did your research. For your convenience, here are three amazing jumping spots to try safely in Vegas.

1. SKYJUMP at the Strat Hotel

Face your fears and embrace excitement right now. This place brags that it’s a “heartpounding, scream-inducing” open-air leap that starts from 829 feet over the neon Strip and is actually the Guinness World Record as the highest commercial decelerator descent facility. You can swirl toward the landing pad at speeds topping 40 mph while the crowds below watch and admire your bravery.

2. FlyOver Las Vegas

Afraid of heights? Try this instead of a real jump. Strap in for a ride you’ll never forget and feel the magic while you’re flying through state-of-the-art technology that lets you fly above awesome landscapes without going outside the Strip. This place brags that “you’ve never felt a rush like FlyOver.” Try this experience which claims to be like no other, nestled next to Hard Rock Cafe on Las Vegas Boulevard.

3. GoJump Las Vegas

This is another neat skydiving experience. They claim to be the most experienced, energetic, and have “the best toys in the business.” It’s right outside Las Vegas but totally worth the detour. Check out their website for more details.

Has this information made you feel giddy and curious? Don’t be curious for too long. Try it! You only live once. And especially if you’re just visiting Las Vegas, this is a must-try that you can cross off your bucket list. I sincerely recommend it!


  • Monica Viera is an author and poet from East LA. She enjoys punk rock, cats, and jazz. You can find her work at

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