Most Interesting Museums in Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some of the most interesting, entertaining, and educational museums in the world. Here are five museums worth visiting:

1. Real Bodies

Most Interesting Museums in Vegas
A Specimen in the Move

You can learn much about the human body from Real Bodies, a vast anatomical display at Bally’s. The exhibits are from actual human specimens, and guests understand more about body features, organs, birth, and death from this museum. There are also detailed dissections of different body parts and art installations, giving a better understanding of the human body. Guests also learn many different scientific facts on physiology, psychology, and the impact of disease on the body; for example, the coronavirus.

2. Mob Museum

Most Interesting Museums in Vegas
The Mob Museum

One popular museum in Las Vegas is the Mob Museum. It’s a big museum along Fremont Street with great historical significance to Las Vegas. Here, you can learn more about organized crime and its impact on society over the years. The artifacts sit on four floors, so take your time to explore all the fascinating displays. Some videos help put things into perspective, and interactive exhibits enhance the experience. After a few hours of exploring the museum, head to the basement for cocktails from the speakeasy.

3. Aria Fine Art

Most Interesting Museums in Vegas
Aria Fine Art

The Aria Fine Art Collection brings a more traditional approach to the museum experience with its exhibits. Here you can find large sculptures, paintings from various artists, and unique figures spread across the property. It’s a bonus that guests of the Aria enjoy, but anyone can visit the resort and marvel at these beautiful displays. It helps that it’s right on the Strip, and you can include this stopover in your itinerary for the day as you explore the city.

4. Titanic, The Artifact Exhibition

Most Interesting Museums in Vegas
Titanic Artifact Exhibition

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the greatest tragedies of all time. You might have read a book or article about it, watched a documentary, and other media about the ship. Las Vegas offers an opportunity for guests to see real remains from the shipwreck from the Titanic Artifact Exhibition. Apart from the various recovered artifacts, there are also modern recreations of some of the ship’s rooms that give guests an idea of what the interior of the Titanic was like. Millions of people have visited this museum, a beautiful place to explore during the day.

5. Zak Bagans’ – The Haunted Museum

Most Interesting Museums in Vegas
The Haunted Museum

If you are into Halloween and enjoy horror movies or spooky escapades, Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum is for you. You never know what to expect in any haunted house, and it is up to you to visit and experience the mystery. The museum is in the Arts District and is not meant for the fainthearted. Either way, it is great to get your adrenaline pumping and explore something different from conventional museums.


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