How to Deal With Heartbreak in Vegas on Valentine’s Day

Breakups are the worst, whether your relationship lasted for a day or fifty years.

This Valentine’s Day will find me single, ready to mingle, but with no one to mingle with. The only consolation that I have is that I’m in Vegas.

There’s a lot of stuff you can do in Vegas with your heartbreak and loneliness. You don’t have to stuff your face with ice cream or pizza and waste your tears the entire day on Valentine’s.  Here are five ways to deal with your heartbreak on Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas.

How to Deal With Heartbreak in Vegas on Valentine’s Day

#1: Watch Chippendales

Going to Chippendales is the ultimate girls’ night out experience.

And if you are a man and think that this show is not for you, you can’t be more wrong. Not only will you learn the best moves in the game, but you will also have an opportunity to meet a heartbroken soul like you who is already exhilarated and riled up. You stand the chance of not just getting lucky on Valentine’s Night, but you may end up finding love again.

#2: Go Club Hopping

Las Vegas is known for its nightclubs. If it’s bottle service you need, then get it. You deserve to booze up this Valentine’s Day!

Just to mention a few, think about visiting Marquee Nightclub, Lavo Party Brunch, and TAO Nightclub. If you have tickets for Chippendales, then you have free entry to all these clubs. Drink yourself silly, club hop, and party like it’s 1969.

#3: Become a Stripper

How to Deal With Heartbreak in Vegas on Valentine’s Day

No. I don’t mean that you should actually become a stripper to get over your heartbreak. What I mean is that on Valentine’s Day, you should sign up to attend stripper classes in Vegas. You’ll learn to grind the pole and get in touch with your femininity.  

#4: Go to that Great Spa You’ve Been Putting Off

A time of heartbreak is a time for relaxation, and there is no better way to relax than go to a spa. When you get that sweet massage, you will get rid of the toxins that have been hounding your body and release the tension you’ve been feeling.

So, go ahead, get that special treatment, and go to that herbal steam room.

#5: Go Shopping

How to Deal With Heartbreak in Vegas on Valentine’s Day

Shopping can be therapeutic. After all, you work hard; why not spend a little on yourself?

Psychologists call it retail therapy, and Las Vegas has some of the best shopping spots in the world. Places like the French Connection, M. A. C. Cosmetics, True Religion, and GUESS should arouse your shopping instinct. Although many say that money can’t buy happiness, a new wardrobe will help you to rebuild your self-esteem and become a “new you” without “them” in the picture. So, go ahead and indulge yourself.

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