Go River Rafting Below The Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Rafting Adventures takes visitors down into the dam on the river.


Hoover Dam Rafting Adventures

Venture down onto the Colorado River to see The Hoover Dam from a different point of view. Many have seen this industrial wonder from above, but not from the base. Hoover Dam Rafting Adventures takes visitors on a relaxing river rafting tour while providing insightful commentary on the history behind the dam and the surrounding land.

Just beyond Lake Mead on the other side of the Hoover Dam is the Colorado River. Experience floating down this river surrounded by the Black Canyon with walls that stretch up to 2,000 feet, with the dam and impressive bypass bridge sitting front and center.


Hoover Dam Raft Tours

These day trips float down the Colorado River from the base of Hoover Dam, along the Black Canyon National Water Trail, to Willow Beach. Along the way, your tour guide will educate you on the history of how the dam was built, its importance, and the land that can only be viewed from the river. There’s a good chance that you’ll spot native Desert Bighorn Sheep and Osprey along the way too. You’ll have a chance to relax and enjoy splashing around in the river at the end as well. 



Tour Options

Choose from a Black Canyon Raft Tour or Hoover Dam Postcard Tour. Both offer pretty much the same experience. 

The slightly longer Black Canyon Raft Tour is a 3-hour guided tour on the river. It costs $125 for adults (ages 16+) and $110 for youths (ages 5-15). You’ll receive a box lunch with your ticket. 

The Hoover Dam Postcard Tour is a shorter guided tour, 1.5 hours on the river, hitting the highlights, focusing on the dam and the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, but not going as far down the river. This costs $69 for adults (ages 16+) and $49 for youths (ages 5-15). You’ll receive a snack bag with your purchase.  

Afterward, transportation will be provided back to the main area of the dam. 


Go on a river rafting adventure to see one of the most famous sights in the world! 





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