Explore the Top Museums in Las Vegas

Want a break from all the city hype and parties? Visit the top museums in Las Vegas:

Museum of Dream Space

In the older days, museums mostly displayed artifacts and tangible exhibits. The Museum of Dream Space complements this traditional method through digital art exhibits. It’s located at the Venetian, an ideal location right on the Las Vegas Strip. Anyone can visit the museum and enjoy this unique type of art in spectacular museum exhibits.

Aria Fine Art Collection

The Aria Fine Art Collection brings together several art exhibits in one location. It includes paintings, sculptures, and artistic figures in various parts of the Aria. The displays are works of different artists, with notable names such as Frank Stella featuring as part of the exhibits.

Real Bodies

The name might sound creepy, but Real Bodies at Bally’s is a fun museum to learn more about human anatomy. It’s located at Bally’s, and as the name suggests, the exhibits comprise different body parts. There are about twenty cadavers on display in the museum. There are also hundreds of natural organs and bones, all giving a clear perspective of various aspects of the human body, birth, and death. Guests at Real Bodies leave with a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology of human bodies. 

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is among the most popular places in the city, known for near-perfect wax figures of various famous personalities. You might not meet Miley Cyrus in the city, but the wax figures come close. Other celebrity figures on display include legendary Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Aaliyah, and others. The location also features an exciting Virtual Reality experience, a Hangover movie bar, and more. 


Years after the titanic sunk, the tragedy remains an integral part of history. You can head to the Luxor for “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” and see some actual remains from the ship. The exhibition includes various pieces from the wreckage, including a giant portion of the hull. It’s one of the top museums in Las Vegas to see actual artifacts.  

There are more than two hundred random artifacts from the boat, including luggage, a champagne bottle, jewelry pieces, china, whistles, and more. Guests can also view room recreations from some parts of the ship as part of the experience. 


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