Here’s My [Slightly Biased] Opinion on What To Do in Las Vegas

Sunglasses?  Check

Cell phone and electronic travel accessories?  Check

First Class Plane Tickets w/ Electronic Boarding Pass?  Check

New, [probably] expensive luggage you purchased just for this trip but are kicking yourself for spending that much money on a duffel bag you’re only probably going to use once [maybe twice]? Check

Contact information for the friend(s) from high school or college that moved to Vegas years ago and that you want to visit with while on your trip?  Check

Alright….looks like you’re good to go.  Except for probably the most important, actual substance, meat and potatoes topic of the whole trip:  what the hell do we do when we get to Vegas?

Luckily, you came across this article. After having lived in the good ol’ 702 for most of my life, I’m here to offer an insider’s list of things that, in my official “local’s” opinion, you should definitely explore.

Here’s Mikey’s recommended list of thingswhile you’re visiting Las Vegas (in no particular order).

1. Happy Half Hour at the High Roller

Touting the pride-in-your-city inducing title of being the tallest observation wheel in the world, the High Roller at the LINQ Promenade is definitely something you’ll want to check out.  Not only does it offer some of the best views in Las Vegas, but you especially don’t want to miss their Happy Half Hour.  A ticket to this little adventure grants you access to hop on to an air-conditioned (trust me, in the summer, this is CRITICAL) observation pod where you can hang out with your friends (or other fellow High Rollers) while also drinking it up from a full bar included in the pod.

Also, while this bundle of fun is offered both during the day and night, I personally recommend going after dark as the view of the Las Vegas Strip, city skyline, and all the lights stretching out across the valley is not one to be missed.  Go check it out, then call me tomorrow and thank me after you’ve slept off your hangover.

2. Las Vegas Party Bus Crawl

Are you like me, and you’ve always had a dream or a desire to be one of those snooty VIP schmucks who don’t have to wait in line to get into whatever bar or super popular nightclub? Someone who gets whisked right in and is then escorted to their VIP table where us regular peons aren’t allowed to even get close?  Then this is your solution.  With the Party Bus Crawl, you’re taken on a VIP nightlife tour that includes skip-the-line entry at some of the city’s most popular and “poppin’” bars and clubs.  You’ll basically make your way from one spot to the next on a bus that features an open bar (the best part, in my opinion), which can be followed by plenty of mingling and dancing into the wee hours of the morning at some of the hottest venues.

3. STAY IN!!!

In my experience, nearly every tourist comes to Vegas with a laundry list of things they want to do. Sure, that’s fine sometimes. But if I’m on vacation, I want to RELAX.  So if you’re staying in Vegas (particularly if you’re at one of the high-end hotels — ANYWHERE at City Center, the Venetian, Planet Hollywood, Bellagio, just to name a few), then a day dedicated to staying in your PJs is wonderful. Order room service, eat up, and stay in the bed all day watching movies or napping!!!

4. Exclusive VIP Helicopter Strip Flight with Dinner at the Eiffel Tower

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or you’re trying to orchestrate a romantic evening between you and your sweetheart, the VIP Helicopter Flight tour is definitely something to check out.  Beginning with a convenient, smooth pick up from your hotel (and my favorite part:  a pre-flight beverage, PS:  NO, I do not have a drinking problem), you’ll then be able to see, firsthand, some of the views of Las Vegas from a point of view that is very rarely seen by visitors (or even locals for that matter).  Then, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on the breathtaking views you both just witnessed while enjoying a 3-course dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, which, as if you haven’t already gotten enough of breathtaking views, offers a full panoramic view of the city.

5. Party at a Nightclub or Dayclub

Don’t try and play the role of a saint. You’re from out of town and you left your last worry on the plane.  You’re here to have some fun; you’re here to let yourself go.  So, without shame or hang-ups, go let your hair down. You can accomplish this at the numerous bars throughout every casino, but, if you want to have a night or day that you do it up big, then hit one of the nightclubs or, better yet, one of the day clubs (seasonal weather conditions permitting).

My personal recommendation is to do something different and have a day club experience.  Encore Beach Club or Wet Republic are your best bet for the day club experience.  If you want to stay closer to tradition and do the whole nightclub thing, I recommend Omnia, Marquee Nightclub, XS, or Hakkasan.

Everyone has the potential to make their visit here into whatever they want to make of it.  Some people want to be drunk or hung over or partying for the whole trip.  Others want to check out the sites of nature that life in the desert has to offer.   Regardless of the type of trip you want to have, don’t let anything I just said or something anybody else says deter you from coming to check out the 702 for yourself.  You’ll have fun, I guarantee it.


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