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5 Las Vegas Hiking Trails for Beginners

Las Vegas has more to offer than parties and gambling. There are beautiful trails and hikes to enjoy nature. Here are some easy Las Vegas hiking trails to try:

Calico Tanks Trail

This is a beginner-friendly trail located in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. The trail might initially seem intimidating, but once you start, it’s an exciting trek. It is a short trail that covers around 2.2 miles for the hike and back. The terrain along the trail is a mixture of flat ground, ridges, stone stairs, and red rocks. In some places, you might need to use your hands and legs to get by. Beautiful views of the trail as you head out and come back will make your hike worth it.

White Domes Trail

This trail is located in the Valley of Fire. The difficulty level is very basic, making it a great pick for beginners. The trail starts on sand terrain that slowly becomes rocky as you go. You will experience boulders, rock formations, rolling stone hills, and more on the way. A slot canyon is the highlight of the trail with beautiful walls. On the rear side of the canyon, a desert extends over a long distance with red rocks and mountains in the background.

Lake Mead Railway Trail

This is a longer trail that covers 7.5 miles for the entire trip. However, the Lake Mead Railway Trail is an easy trail running along the hillside and offers views of Lake Mead. The terrain is favorable for people who want to have a great time hiking without climbing over many rocks and ridges, as is the case with many hiking trails in Nevada. The trail passes through multiple tunnels, which makes it stand out from other hiking experiences, and many hikers consider it a highlight of this particular trail.

Mount Charleston Trails

Two trails around the mountain’s vicinity stand out from all the others. The Mary Jane hike route falls covers about 2.5 miles, while that to the Big Falls covers approximately 3.5 miles. Both are semi-challenging but full of adventure. The hike to Mary Jane falls is easier, with much of the trail covering a forest area and leading into a canyon. The route to Big Falls requires hikers to maneuver through boulders, making it more challenging but eventually rewarding once you experience the waterfall.

Petroglyph Trail

This is an easy trail that covers about 4.4 miles in the Sloan National Conservation area. As the name suggests, there are plenty of petroglyphs along the route. When flowers bloom in spring, the trail is scenic and photo-worthy.


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