The Las Vegas Aces might escape obscurity make a playoff run this year. Can they capitalize on this opportunity and go all the way to a championship win?

The Las Vegas Aces defeated The Washington Mystics 88-73 last week, and while both teams still have a long way to go before the WNBA playoffs take place, this was a big test for the Aces. In fact, between defeating the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last season by double digits and holding an 8-2 record in their first ten games, the Las Vegas Aces are not a team to be messed with. 

The question now becomes whether they can go all the way to the WNBA Championship or not, and what obstacles will stand in the way of achieving that goal. While defeating the Mystics and holding an 80% percent win record in the first ten games is impressive, there is still the question of longevity and healthiness. 

For example, what if the Aces were to lose Angel McCoughtry, Dearica Hamby or A’ja Wilson? While this might not have been a problem under normal circumstances, the Aces are currently playing without Kelsey Plum and Liz Cambage, forcing other players to have to step up in their place. 

Unfortunately for the Aces, that means one bad injury could derail their entire season. Or, if an opposing team could find a way to limit the efficiency of A’ja Wilson, Angel McCoughtry, Dearica Hamby, Sugar Rogers or even Jackie Young, this team could fall apart like a house of cards. That’s why it’s imperative to their playoff hopes that they keep improving their game as much as possible and find new strategies to hold other teams at bay. 

Now, let’s get to the big question of this whole thing. Can the Las Vegas Aces go all the way to the playoffs and even win the championship? It depends. Las Vegas has a variety of talented scorers on its team, which makes double-teaming or boxing out a crap shot for opponents. The Aces are also serviceable from the 3-point line, making them dangerous outside of the perimeter as well. 

In the end, The Aces are playoff and maybe even championship-bound if everything stays the way it is now.