From speakeasies and casinos to the entertainment industry at large, mobsters have always played an influential role in the growth and shaping of Las Vegas. It is a city that, for better or worse, has always been of great interest to the mob, particularly considering its origins, which is why we’ve decided to look at some of the most notable mobsters in the history of Las Vegas!

Moe Dalitz

Moe Dalitz

Much like other famous mobsters who made their name in Vegas, Moe Dalitz was another product of the prohibition. After raking in the profits smuggling alcohol, he quickly migrated to operating casinos in Kentucky and Ohio, before moving to Las Vegas, where he could legally own and operate gambling enterprises. He started and ran four casinos in Vegas, and is a great example of a mobster who left the criminal life behind and legitimized himself as a businessman in the city of Las Vegas.

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