A $2.49 footlong hot dog on the Strip

Finding cheap food on the Vegas Strip isn't easy. 

But have no fear, I've got your back. I know exactly where you need to go. 

If you find yourself on the Strip and crave a hot dog that costs less than $3, hop over to the Casino Royale food court. This is no ordinary 5-inch hot dog, but a great-tasting, foot-long specimen. Eat it there or take it to your hotel. For $2.49, you can't find anything better. Knock it back with one of the hotel bar's many beer specials. The eatery features the hotdog special all day long, even for breakfast. If you want condiments like sauerkraut, cheese, or chili, they cost an extra 90 cents each.

Footlong Hot dog is open every day from 10 am till 2.30 am.


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