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Can You Find This Hidden Restaurant at Tivoli Village?

La Cocina Exclusivo is the exclusive extension of El Dorado Cantina.

There s a secret restaurant located in Tivoli Village. La Cocina Exclusivo is the exclusive, and hidden, extension of El Dorado Cantina

To access it, guests have to find the secret door (hint: it s located up a hidden staircase and behind a bookshelf above El Dorado Cantina). Even if you re lucky enough to find it, it may be full. This small and very exclusive spot only has 6 tables that seat about 25 to 30 people at a time. 

The menu features extravagant small plates of hot and cold items with Latin influence. Try options like Beef Tartare, a Hamachi Tostada, Seafood Tamale, Australian Wagyu Filet Taco, Shrimp Tempura Taco, or Lobster Empanada.    

Also, try assorted cheeses from the Cheese Cart and whole entrees like Whole Roasted Branzino, Lobster, Tomahawk Steak, and Australian Wagyu Filet.

You can also order from the Tasting Menus, which feature options of 4-courses, 6-courses, or 9-courses of assorted dishes along with wine pairings. 

There s also a bar inside, so ask about their specialty cocktails like the Polynesian Mango, Horchata Colada, and Guayabitos en Verano. 

This little restaurant is a well-kept secret. Next time you dine at El Dorado Cantina, ask your server about it they might lead you in the right direction. The menu, location, and hours aren t advertised, so the only way to learn more is to find it and see for yourself. 

Will you be lucky enough to find La Cocina Exclusivo?

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